Thursday, April 19, 2012

No Singapore......but....

The trip to Singapore didn't materialize. On Wed we had even exchanged money, I did my mani and pedi, even told my parents, and even arranged for a cab. All done. But that evening, we got to know we couldn't go. Mind you, our flight was at 7.40am the very next day! I was naturally disappointed and upset. But it was for that moment only. Hubby promised to make it up to me. Anyway, I cancelled the cab, called my aunt and told her we can't come, explained to her why, updated my parents and decided to change the money back to MYR the next day.

Our next mission: Find a place nearby to go to. We surfed the net, and narrowed a few places - Avillion PD, Thistle PD, or Philea Melaka.

Bags were all packed anyway for Singapore. So nothing much to do there. The next day, we just drove towards Seremban / Melaka. For the first time we took the little Kelisa out of KL/PJ. Since it's a second hand old car, we only use it for within KL/PJ. But we thought what the heck. On the way we decided to check out Avillion first. We parked our car on the opposite side of the road at the designated car park (as the indoor guarded car park is only for guests of the resort), crossed the road, and walked into Avillion. We asked them on the available rooms, rates and packages. We also requested to view the garden and water chalet rooms. They were more than willing to show us around. Hubby asked a lot of questions, like the gym facilities, pool, attractions within the resort etc. The bellman was so knowledgeable about the resort, which was a plus point. 

We decided to check in for 1 night first. At the back of our minds, we thought we'd go try Thistle as well. We requested for garden chalet & upstairs. But the receptionist made a mistake on our preference, and we had to wait for almost two hours to get the room at the upper floor. But it was okay, as we were allowed to chill out at the current room. We decided while waiting, to go check out their pool. It's an all adult only pool. That scored major points with us. No kids shouting and running around. Peace. We really enjoyed ourselves. In the mean time, our room was also ready. So before we went in, we decided to have our complimentary drink given upon check in. It is valid till 8pm on the day of check in. We had two complimentary drinks each and an extended check out time for the mistake that was made earlier on our room preference. 

The room was great. For what you pay, you get more in return. We had no complains at all. Except that hubby thought it would be way better if they had more TV channels. Anyway, see the room for yourself:
Yes yes, my nails aren't perfect! Esp ma toe nails!

View from our room & welcome drinks

 More on Lord Avery's Pavillion in the next post!  ;) 



  1. Man saw the photos from the previous post and this one, this place is gorgeeeous! Didnt know you guys literally stepped in to ask for available rooms. Talk about being spontaneous! How much were the rooms babe?

  2. This is a must go place babe! You will not regret it. Yes yes, we have done it many times, just walk in, see if we like it, we check in, otherwise, move on to another hotel! Hahah The rooms are very reasonable for the resort's standard. We paid RM640 I think for 3 days 2 nights. Please don't follow their rates on the website. I will see if I can find the packages and rate leaflet that they gave us, will scan and email it to you :)

  3. Am thinking of going to PD one of these weekends too. considering Avillion for sure. Have seen the voucher deal on one of the forums but its for weekdays only. RM640 for 2 nights is pretty decent esp for a hotel that gorgeous. Oh in the future, should you need cheaper hotels let me know, I know a guy who offers cheap deals, avilion is on his list too but I can't remember his rate.

  4. Oh yes, please consider Avillion. You have to stay there one time at least one time! And I am sure Sairah will enjoy it too. Oh really? Thanks for sharing, will let you know...


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