Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hmmm... Fitness....

The trip to Avillion PD (which I have yet to blog about!) gave me and hubby the chance to rejuvenate and talk about stuff and not getting interrupted with daily chores, calls, sms’s etc…  One of it was about fitness…

It made him really happy and proud when I brisk walked on the treadmill, and that too for 1 hour. I realized that I was being a bit too much when I used to complain about him coming home from work, and wanting to go for a jog and then after that, do his weights.  It IS a good thing, right? But I felt like as it is you are soo busy with work, come home also, you still do work and check your mails every 5 minutes on your phone, and yet you want to please the fitness obsession in you. Yeap, I was mean!

But I realize that it made you feel good. You get motivated in wanting lose weight and try to get to your target weight.  And exercise is the best therapy for low moods, so they say. 

When I burnt 437 calories on the treadmill, I was excited. When we got back from PD, I wanted to have ice cream, but then when I thought of the calories I consume in that one ice cream, and how long it took me to burn just 437 calories, I opted not to go for it. 

Now I can understand why hubby is soo particular about the food he eats. He keeps saying it’s so hard to eat out. Now I get it. 

All this is thanks to Elavarasan, from Fitness on Call. It was he who made hubby to get interested in being fit. It didn’t quite work on me at the beginning.  I guess I more wanted to learn how to swim than exercising! A good trainer will develop your interest in fitness, motivate and encourage you all the time. So thanks Ela! You are really good at what you do! Keep it up!

The result? Hubby from a size XL to M. Go figure!

We also have a new addition to our home – soon to be revealed!
Anyone wants a Gintell basic exercise bicycle? We are selling ours to make way for our new addition! ;)

For Sale!!


  1. Wow kudos to your discipline and motivation! Ur hubby went from XL to M? hard to imagine that. Cant wait for you to blog abt yr trip!

  2. Oh noooo... Hubby has that discipline and motivation, definitely not me! Hahaha That's just a one time thing of resisting my ice cream!

    Yeap, even I was shocked to learn XL to M! Jealous!!! But then again, he worked hard for it. Me? No where near!


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