Thursday, April 26, 2012

Our new addition :)

Our new addition is the treadmill! Yes, we got a treadmill.
We did some research and ended up getting this one: 

Horizon 841T

Of course, NordicTrack would have been the best, but we figured it's a bit too high end for beginners like us.

Today it is exactly 1 week 1 day old. We have been using it since day 1, everyday. We even got a digital weighing machine to track our weight more accurately. I was 71.8kg, then fluctuated to 72.5kg and this morning I was 71.1kg. I have started keeping track of my food intake as well. Due to my PMD, and all the meds I have been on for this fertility journey, I have put on weight, and I am also hungry all the time! But since Monday 23rd April, I have been monitoring every single thing I eat and drink. Then I search for the calories of each food / drink and list it out. Frankly, all you need is to do it in an Excel sheet and you are good to go. It's very easy. Only on paper! In reality, it's super difficult to curb those hunger pangs! Reducing my calories is also no joke!

I want to lose weight and look good before hubby's company trip in first week of June!
So that's really a motivation for me. But I hope I can last it out. 

I hope to start swimming too. Cause you burn more fat faster by swimming. You can be on a treadmill for 1 hour, but you can spend half an hour swimming and burn the same amount of calories! 

Today I came up with this: Eat like a cat, but appetite like a dog!
Every time I tell hubby, I am hungry, his reply "Be strong, be strong. You can do it". Ish! He can, and has lost so much weight.. So I guess I am suppose to also be the same!? 

A healthy competition has begun between husband & wife! Hahaha

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