Sunday, April 22, 2012


I have always had a liking in taking photos. Sometimes it annoys the hubby! Been contemplating in getting a DSLR camera. But every time I walk into the shop,  I can’t get myself to spend that much of money just for a camera! And yes, although it can get annoying to him, hubby is the one who tells me, let’s go and ask and look around for a camera that you want. Isn’t he a jewel?!

Anyway, just before going to PD (or should I say Singapore), I was checking out the Apps Store and stumbled upon Instagram. I never knew what it was, so I googled it. Aahh a camera app that allows you to share your photos easily. But of course, I am not going to share my photos, I only want to use the camera! I played around with it for a while, until I discovered that you can take photos with their various settings, and the best part, they even have a setting for focusing on your object and make the surrounding fade / blur. Ahhh, just what I have always wanted!

So y'all out there, if you wanna take photos ala DSLR, and don’t want to spend your moolah on getting one, then just go for Instagram! 

The higher megapixel your phone camera, the better. Mine is only an iPhone 4 that has a 5 megapixel. Hubby's has 12 megapixel, but it's Windows, hence can't download the app but his picture quality and color is far better. If you already own the new iPhone 4s, then don't bother with Instagram. It already comes with the ala DSLR modes and it's bloody 8 megapixels! Hmph!

Here’s a couple of shots:

And my best photo of all is this:


  1. Wow this is just from your Iphone? Amazing shots. You're pretty good, now imagine what else you can do with a DSLR, hehe. I LOVE the last shot!

  2. Yeap yeap - iPhone alone! Heheh Thanks babe. I've always had an interest & finding what Instagram was all about, got me excited... So decided to play around with it while in PD. Yay!! You love the last shot too! :)


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