Wednesday, April 11, 2012


If you are not willing to read the negatives, please just stop here.

I am a person, wait, let me rephrase that, I was a person who prayed and believed in Him like He was my best friend. Spoke to Him like I was talking to a friend. I used to be able to wake up early, do my morning prayers, and then an Ardaas. Evening was the same, I would make time to do my evening prayers, again followed by the Ardaas. At night, if I am not too sleepy by the time I hit the sack, I will do my night prayers.

BUT since last year, I became someone who shouted at Him, hated Him at many occasions, was upset with Him almost all the time...

I did make peace with Him when we went to Melaka. I did apologize as well for misbehaving. But I haven't really gotten back on track with Him.

I am no hypocrite. I say for real what I do. Now I am not going to continue to say that ah, yes, I still pray etc etc.. when in actual fact, I don't. Maybe one day soon I will again. 

Hubby on the other hand, may not be the prayer kind, but his faith in Him is way more than me. I guess he has attained spiritual maturity, I haven't.

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