Thursday, May 31, 2012

Laparascopic Surgery - my version; Part 1

It's almost 3 weeks that I have not updated my blog! The first two weeks was out of the question. And now, it's 3rd week and I am trying to make an effort. 

Before my surgery, I was trying to google and get as much information as I can. I even was trying to look for images to see how would the incision would be. How big. How would I feel being under GA. I could get answers to some, but not all. So here's the real deal of what happened. Read on. If you can't take too much info (TMI), then stop reading this post & the posts to follow with the above topic, right here. 

I got admitted on a Monday early afternoon. My surgery was scheduled at 4.30pm (although I was told it would be at 4pm). I was already fasting from morning as I had to fast 6 hours before the surgery. In Malaysia, laparascopic surgery is claimable under your medical insurance. Yes, fertility issues are never claimable, but take note, laparascopic surgery doesn't fall in that category. Based on my insurance coverage, I was only allowed to take up a 2 or 4 bedded room (I don't exactly remember it). But of course, I told the admission staff that we will pay for the differences to upgrade our room to a single room. Here's how the room looked like:

It's for real. No turning back.

Once we got settled into the room, a nurse came in, and started to ask me all kinds of questions. She had almost 3 pages of checklist with her. After about 10 minutes, another nurse comes in and again, confirms the information I have given, i.e. allergic to any meds, having gastritis and I insisted they put down I am prone to UTI.

We were informed that the nurses will start to prep me by 3.30pm. I was definitely very nervous at this point. I moved from the day bed, to the patient's bed - couldn't sit at one place. I tried lying down, trying to get some rest before 3.30pm, but I couldn't. Tried reading a book, but my mind was too pre-occupied. I then decided to shower before they start to prep me. The nurse came in around 2pm and asked if I had cleared my bowels that morning, I said yes. But yet she recommended I take the liquid suppository, just in case. I agreed. After 5 minutes, she came back with it, and yeap, (TMI), inserted the liquid into my rectum. I was like, WTF. Anyway, not even 2 minutes into it, I was already running to the toilet. Nothing much to clear, but whatever it is, my intestines were defintely super clear by now!

3.30pm a nurse came in and asked me if I have shaved. I said I waxed my lower abdominal and yes, did a Brazilian wax too. She said she has to check and see. I said fine. Of course, I passed! I mean, c'mon, you think I was going to allow them to shave me down there!? Then she noticed, I was having nail polish on my feet. Immediately, annother nurse came and brought a nail polish remover and was about to remove it for me. I just told her, let me do it myself. I didn't know that it was going to be that strict. Now, this got me even more nervous. I thought it was just a keyhole surgery, no big deal! I had to remove everything on me and wear the surgery gown and cap provided. 

Shortwhile thereafter my anaesthetist walks in. Briefs us on what will be happening and the process of it. She was a real gem! She was really patient with my questions, and explained really well. After she left, my own gynea walks in - and that's when I felt a relieve! Probably because he was the only familiar face among all the nurses, doctors, and the whole hospital for that matter! He explained to us the process what happens after the anaesthesia kicks in. And he also informed us that the reproductive specialist who he wants us to see will also be joining him in the operation theatre. He gave me a hug and told me he'll meet me later. 

All along, hubby was there, right next to me. Being my strength. Being there. Doing anything he could to make me calm down. Only he knew how I was feeling. The doctors told him he can wait at the OT lounge. So he followed me while they wheeled me into the OT. The nurses were so shocked to learn that this is the first time ever I am getting admitted in a hospital and that too going in for a surgery! Yeah, tell me about it!

Once at the OT, I had to transfer to another bed. The nurses at the OT asked me the whole lot of similar questions again to verify. Yes, of course earlier I had signed on it, so they needed to also verify my signature. Then I was wheeled in further and was told to wait just outside the OT room. About 5 minutes later, my anaesthetist came and wheeled me into the OT room. She explained again what she will be doing. For the first time I saw in real life what I usually see in movies - the big round lights in an OT! The instruments they have. And on my left I saw the clock - 4.16pm. She then proceeded to insert the IV on my left hand. Very gentle, pain free. I am not scared of needles, so maybe that's why to me was no biggie. Anyway, while she was doing that, my gynea walks in and I guess he knew I was scared. He said I saw your hubby at the lounge, and don't worry, I will hold your hand while you get your GA. He was making jokes about getting 4D numbers from me and what not. My anaesthetist also told me that soon enough I am going to fall asleep, and they put an oxygen mask on me, and told me to breathe normally.

The next thing I know, I woke up super drowsy/sleepy and I had so much phlegm in me that I felt like I was getting choked on it. I was still on the oxygen mask and I couldn't feel my body as yet. Immediately a nurse came and used a suction for the phlegm. I remember I told her, I am thirsty. A few minutes later, (or maybe more, I don't know), I could hear my anaesthetist telling me she has to keep me at the recovery a while longer until I stabilize. I either asked for my husband, or called out for him, because she told me, your husband is with both the doctors and he is just outside. He will wait for you at your room. I slept off again. Then I heard her speak again, holding my hand, telling me I will be wheeled back to my room. My surgery lasted almost an hour. It was suppose to be for about 30 min max.

I had to transfer bed once again before they wheeled me out from the OT's reception. Nurses had to help me as soon enough I realised, I had an IV still attached to me. I was not in pain yet, but thirsty. And mind you, I was not allowed to drink or eat until the next day 10am once my doc gave the green light. All I can remember saying is that I am thirsty, I want to drink water. I kept repeating it again and again. But due to the extensive 'work' that the doctors did during my surgery, they were so scared I may throw up, and that would cause too much pain and movement of my intestines, and lower abdomen area would make things complicated.

My parents & a very close cousin came to visit. I vaguely remember. I am grateful to my bestie who understood me when I said pls don't come and visit. In times when I do not know of how I am going to be, and when I am so nervous and scared myself, I honestly didn't want anyone around. Only my husband. I even wanted to tell my parents not to come, but then it would have been really mean to be firm and say no when all they want is to see their daughter who just underwent a surgery. A couple of besties had hubby's phone number - so they contacted him directly. My brother & sister in law were also constantly checking with hubby. My brother, a man with very few words, actually called to speak to me. But I was still in that state, I couldn't talk. I wonder if I told him too that I'm thirsty! It's really overwhelming to see the amount of love and concern they showed to me and hubby. It's amazing. I must have done something good in my past life that I have these people around me. Trust me, I am generally not a very nice person. So when I saw this amount of love, care & concern, it was really a lot to take in.

I think it's enough for this post. The next post will be on what has been diagnosed.

To anyone going for a laparascopic surgery, remember, it may be a keyhole surgery, but it's still a surgery. Those were my anaesthetist and gynea's words. And mine, wasn't just a diagnostic laparascopy. More on this in the next post.


  1. Gosh babe, such a detailed post of your surgery. Glad everything is okay now and glad you had alot of support! Sounds similiar to my C-sect too, esp the clearing out and removal of nail polish and making sure you're shaven down there, guess it's standard procedure la.

    1. Ooh oohhh, too much?? Well, I wanted it to be detailed because when I was searching for what to expect, couldn't really get the info I wanted. So I decided to write it the way it was for me so it could help others.


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