Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Laparascopic Surgery - my version; Part 2 - the diagnosis

Endometriosis is a gynecological medical condition in which cells from the lining of the uterus (endometrium) appear and flourish outside the uterine cavity, most commonly on the ovaries. The uterine cavity is lined by endometrial cells, which are under the influence of female hormones. These endometrial-like cells in areas outside the uterus (endometriosis) are influenced by hormonal changes and respond in a way that is similar to the cells found inside the uterus. Symptoms often worsen with the menstrual cycle. Endometriosis is typically seen during the reproductive years; it has been estimated that endometriosis occurs in roughly 6–10% of women. Symptoms may depend on the site of active endometriosis. Its main but not universal symptom is pelvic pain in various manifestations. Endometriosis is a common finding in women with infertility. - Wikipedia

There are 4 stages of endometriosis. Mine is stage 2. The two specialists who attended to me were very shocked to have found that I have endometriosis, and that too, at the second stage. You see, generally, if you have this, it can be detected when the doctors perform an ultra sound / scan. Especially when they do a trans-vaginal scan. I have done all this so many times, and NOTHING could be seen. So, in a way, thank God we decided that laparascopic surgery was the next thing on the to do list. 

You must be wondering how does one get this? It's genetics. Yes, my mom had it, I am having it. If we have a daughter, she would have it too. It's sad, but true. But at least now we know that it can be detected earlier. My mom's could be seen when the doctors scanned her. So I assumed I don't have it since in my scans, everything was perfect. 

The doctors did as much as cauterization as they could. They also checked my tubes by inserting a dye, and I have no tubal hydrosalpinx. The doctor explained that the chances for endometriosis to come back is there. It can take 6 months to a few years. His advise is to immediately start seeing the reproductive specialist and try to get pregnant asap. But we on the other hand have decided that for the first cycle after the surgery, we will try naturally. If we fail, then my next cycle, we will start the treatment with the reproductive specialist. I have heard of a lot of people who have endometriosis conceived after they removed it. Best example would be my mom. But then again, I am not in the 'normal' category of women now, am I?!

In the next post - will show you guys how the incision looks like for real. And a small video clip on what endometriosis looks like. 


  1. My mom ada fibroid, and me too ada fibroid. Mmg mewarisi nmpknya. Hehe.

    U are so strong my dear. I read ur previous post on how lapo's being done pon dah cuak. Ini kan u yg melaluinya. I hope u cepat2 diberikan rezeki itu oleh Allah. Takecare :) *hugs*

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  3. Tu la... mewarisi! Aiihh

    Thanks Ily. I hope you too will be blessed with a bundle of joy soon. Take care and thanks for reading and also for commenting! *hugs*


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