Friday, June 15, 2012

Update on the fitness track

Have I lost weight? You must be wondering what happened to all the talk about wanting to lose weight went eh? 

I was 76kg and as of this morning, I am 69.8kg. But I know this will fluctuate – as I have been 69.8kg before, and it went up a few notches and remained between 70 – 71.6kg for a few days.  

Before my surgery, I was a regular on the treadmill. But then after, for close to one month, I could not do any exercise. I have started back on the treadmill now. Gradually moving up the incline and speed. 

I think it’s because hubby has been encouraging me non-stop that yes, I do at times find it annoying and I tell him that… but I know, it’s for my own good. Of course I wanna look good. He is looking a bit too good now, so I have to keep up with him. 

Well, let’s see how it goes for me. This journey is tough, not impossible. It’s in my hands, whether I want to be committed, disciplined and hard working or not!


  1. Hey babe well done for losing 6kgs! It is a hard process no doubt (having problems losing it myself) but your hubby is your motivation to do better I guess and you're doing GREAT so far!

  2. Thankew thankew! I still have a long way to go though! Hubby keeps complaining I don't use the treadmill enough. Oh well, he's right, so I can't argue on that! Haha


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