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Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

A urinary tract infection (UTI) is a bacterial infection that affects part of the urinary tract. – Wikipedia
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The first time I had an attack was in the year 2004. And ever since then, UTI kept paying me unwanted visits – sometimes up to two times a month, every month!  This is known as recurrent UTI.

Anyone experiencing UTI would know that this is a traumatic experience. I am very lucky, my husband knows that I am not joking when I say it’s excruciatingly painful.

The attack can come at anytime. It doesn’t see place, temperature, what you may be doing, whether you have had sex or not -  if it wants to come, it hits you.

I have tried many remedies. You name it, I have tried it. I have gone on numerous antibiotics, culture tests, scans, and yet nothing helped to keep it away.

Oh I don’t have to mention how much water I drink everyday! Water is like fuel for me. Without it, I can’t function well.That's the most common thing someone would say when you tell them you have UTI "Oh, you should drink more water". At the rate that I drink, I do not know how much more can I take! Too much of H2O is also not good for the body.

These are the remedies that I have tried but with no success:
  1. Imediately when I know I have the attack – I soak my lower region in a tub filled with hot water & salt. This remedy came from my mom. It did give temporary relief, but that’s about it
  2. Drinking cranberry juice. One of my bestie even bought me the concentrated original cranberry juice, and I took it – yet it didn’t help
  3. Drinking barley water was of no help either
  4. To force myself to pass urine to flush out the bacteria, I used to drink tea water (Teh O kosong) – it’s diuretic
  5. Some even said to try boiling ‘misai kucing a.k.a cat’s whiskers’ and drink the water. Nope. Didn’t work
A few things that works for me when I feel UTI’ish are:
  1. Drinking 100 plus. Also a tip shared by my mom. I am not too sure if it is because of the mineral content, but it does help
  2. Drinking Ural 3 times a day or especially at night before I go to bed. I take 2 sachets at one go
One thing that has succeeded in keeping UTI away for a couple of months now is when I stopped taking my Vitamin C. I used to take buffered Vit C together with other supplements daily. A doctor suggested that I try stopping and monitor from then. It has worked so far.

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