Thursday, July 5, 2012

American Pie - Film Series

In the last few days, we have managed to watch all 4 of the American Pie movies.  Yeah, it was just spur of the moment when hubby asked, “Hey, wanna watch American Pie?” I said, "Yeah, why not?". We got the first three movies - American Pie, American Pie 2, American Wedding.

One would think that how could they possibly come up with this many sequels and still keep it interesting. Oh trust me, the guyz who came up with this movie are geniuses. To be able to keep the content fresh and exciting throughout, it takes a lot of work! 

Yes, it’s all about teenagers, and their sex craze, but it’s all very tactfully scripted. American Pie revolves around when these kids were in high school. And they are just dying to lose their virginity. American Pie 2 is when these kids were in college. American Wedding, well the name says it all – it’s when they get married.
The characters are the same, except for in American Wedding, some of them weren’t there. But it makes a whole lot of difference when the characters remain unchanged. You get to see them evolve. 

When we finished seeing all three, just nice timing hubby got the info that American Reunion was also out on Blu Ray. Yeap, he went after work and got it, and we watched it. Same characters again – and those who were not in the American Wedding, were back.  You get to connect with the characters because it makes you feel that you have gone through all that, and right now, you are at the American Reunion phase. You see the characters grow up and mature (well, kind of). 

Anyway, it’s a great watch and I give it a thumbs up for a comedy genre to have this many sequels that didn’t bore the living hell out of us instead made us laugh out loud a lot!  

Storyline: 7/10. More of a popcorn movie.
Actors: 6.5/10
Soundtrack: 5/10
Would I watch it again: Yes. I am confident it would still make me laugh.


  1. all those hours and all i can remember of this title is the Jason meets Nadia in a room scene.

  2. Hahaha But it is entertaining right? No?


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