Monday, July 2, 2012

Biotherm vs. Clinique

I was introduced to Biotherm by my SIL. I used to use many different brands, most of them off the shelf. Then I tried Biotherm’s facial cleanser. Loved it! Love the fact that it had microbeads. It did not make my skin dry after rinsing. It felt smooth and lighter. Perhaps it’s the magic of those microbeads. And the best part is, you only need a tiny bit and it lathers up really well.

When my first tube finished, I was tempted to try Clinique. It was a mistake. I didn’t like it at all. It was no different than the off the shelf brands. My skin didn’t dry up either after rinsing but the feel of what I get from using Biotherm’s cleanser, was not gotten from using Clinique’s cleanser. 

Also, I realized that Biotherm made my skin improve, whereas Clinique made no difference.  Price wise it’s almost the same. 

This time I am trying their toner as well. Thanks to the professional customer service, Mei Yan (from Metrojaya MidValley outlet), I got a sample each of their serum and night cream. Now why did I say professional? Because she remembers me and I only went to that outlet once before somewhere last year. 

On another note, hubby also bought the cleanser for Men. Will review it once he uses it for a few months. He also got a moisturizer sample. Since he isn’t into toning and moisturizing, Mei Yan suggested he tries the sample first.

Biotherm vs. Clinique? For me, Biotherm is the winner!


  1. Never been a fan of clinique dont know why! I used Biotherm many years ago, dont know why i stopped Maybe its time I check em out again to see if they got anything suitable for someone with oily skin/break outs!

  2. Seriously babe, Clinique made no difference at all! I think they do have it... You should try out their Metrojaya outlet in Mid Valley. This sales person, Mei Yan, is really very good. She doesn't push you, takes the time to explain, and the best part, doesn't see color! If you know what I mean.

  3. Cas, i use the Green in biotherm. Named Biotherm Biosource N/C, which is SO NICE!
    I recommend it 10000x


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