Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Forgetting all good things

From The Secret Daily Teachings
It is so important that you are grateful for everything in your life. Many people focus on the one thing they want and then forget to be grateful for all the things they have. Without gratitude you cannot achieve anything through the law of attraction, because if you are not emanating gratitude from your being, then by default you are emanating ungratefulness. Be proactive and use the frequency of your being to receive what you want.

I received the above in my email and it got me to think.

So true isn’t it? I want a child so much that I choose to forget all the good things HE has provided us with. I choose to forget HIS blessings throughout my whole life. I choose to forget the amazing relationship my husband and I have even without a child in the picture. Yes, I choose to forget. Maybe it’s out of hurt & frustration. Whatever it is, it’s wrong.

Even hubby has told me many times, especially when we have an argument. I choose to remember what was said in the argument or that one issue, instead of calming myself down and looking back at all the good things. I get so caught up in the moment of the negativity.

Bad, bad, bad!

Question to self:
What about you? Do you look at that one door for so long & hoping with all your energy for it to open, that you are oblivious to the windows opening for you? You get suffocated hoping for the door to open so you can breathe in air but all you actually need to do is look out the windows and breathe in the fresh air… 

Note to self:
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  1. i am reminded often that: when God gives you something, it is a gift. when God withholds something, it is also a gift.

    so there's always. always. always. something to be thankful about.

  2. That's so true. I must remember that! Thank you.


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