Friday, July 13, 2012

Online Services

I renewed our car insurance and road tax yesterday, via MyEG. I have done it before as well, but didn't pay attention to its efficiency. I did everything online yesterday morning, before 9.30am. To my amazement, I received the road tax yesterday evening itself! Nope, I didn't pay for express delivery. 

It's seriously as easy as A B C! I never knew it would be that good. I mean the standard for Malaysian web services aren't that great, but this surely is! Just register, have all your details ready, and in 10 minutes you are done.

Another must applaud about website is the Inland Revenue's. It's a government website. Government. Who would have thought that Malaysia would have an efficient government website for all Malaysian to submit their income tax online? I was done in less than an hour. It took me long because I had to find some information here and there. But I presume if you have all the info you need on hand, you will spend lesser time to submit. 

I am sure other fast paced countries' citizens have enjoyed these experiences a very long time ago. But it's never too late eh?

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