Monday, July 16, 2012

Yoghurt anyone?

There's a lot of hype now with frozen yoghurt. Many brands are flourishing away like mushrooms. Moo Cow, Tutti Frutti, Snogurt to name a few.  

I have tried Tutti Frutti once. But I would rather not spend that much money on a frozen yoghurt. I mean, it's yoghurt for crying out loud! I make plain yoghurt everyday at home. If I wanna have frozen yoghurt with flavoring & topping, I can do that too.

Here's how to make plain yoghurt at home. There are two types of consistency - thick and yummy like ice cream, or thin and a little bit watery - can be used as salad dressings or even to make a yoghurt drink a.k.a lassi.

First off, you will need a starter. Get a starter that is plain, no added flavorings and sugar. Even though Nestle has their version of plain yoghurt, it is still sweet. This is the best plain yoghurt available in the market so far: 
Measurement is approximate. I never measure anything to the detail. 
 Step 1:
Add 1 tablespoon of starter into the mixing container.

Step 2:
Add 6 spoons of powder milk of your choice

Step 3: 
Mix thoroughly with luke warm water. Please note the water has to be warm. 
Not room temperate and not too hot.

For thin & watery yoghurt
For thin & watery yoghurt
 Step 4:
To get thin & watery yoghurt, add half of the milk mixture into a tupperwear, 
and fill it up with luke warm water. Please mix with a spoon before covering it. 
To get a thick & ice cream like yoghurt, just add the milk mixture into a tupperwear and cover it.

The two smaller tupperwears are for thick & ice cream like yoghurt

Step 5:
Store in a warm, dark place. I prefer to store it in my oven, overnight. I usually make the yoghurt around after dinner, and next morning, just take it out from the oven and keep in the fridge. Done.

The results:

Thin consistency
Thick consistency

Frozen yoghurt? Freeze it in fancy popsicle! Add topping and/or sugar and/or flavorings as desired.


  1. sorry i kinda lost u at step 3.

    saw ceylon tea and that's it.

  2. Hahah you are funny! Step 3 is just like making a warm glass of milk! Yeap yeap, ceylon green tea :)

  3. Wow wee, the thick texture looks yummeh. I really ought to try this at home, esp since I have a gila yogurt monster at home, lol. What milk powder brand are you using btw?

  4. Heheh Yeah babe, you should try it out. It's really that easy. If you want to have frozen, make the thick consistency one - once done, put it in a popsicle mold and freeze it. You can also blend it first with some fruits and then add it to the mold and freeze. I am using Fernleaf Full Cream. I sometimes use other brands too. Whichever is available :) Since I don't take milk everyday, so I don't mind using full cream. But you can also make this with low fat. But it won't be as thick, ice cream like.

  5. hi may i know how much water you put in step 3? agak agak..? thank you! :)

    1. Hi Grace,
      Just add water like how you would make a glass of milk to drink. If you want a thick consistency, don't make it watery. Good luck!


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