Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hubby's way of losing weight

I finally decided to try hubby's way of losing weight. I wouldn't say I'm "obese". But when I calculated my BMI last week, I was in the 'overweight' category. No wonder the specialist asked me "Do you think you've lost enough weight?". Hah!

I have always been keeping track of my weight and BMI, but months ago, all was okay and in check.

So hubby was of course delighted. He made me a 5 day plan. Let me tell you, it ain't easy! How can I not have my version of proper lunch with vegetables, tofu, a little bit of rice, and maybe an egg to go along? Replacing all that with an apple or two? And don't get me started on dinner! When the first time on Sunday night I saw the plan, I looked at him and said "Are you kidding me!?".  @#$%   

Well, Day 1 was not too bad. I was hungry though. Like really starvingly hungry! Hahah Ok ok, that's over exaggerating.... BUT I was starvingly hungry ok!  :p

I kept telling him I am hungry, and he was going to say something, when I said "just listen". And so he did. He has been hearing me ramble about hunger since Day 1. Today is Day 3. Of course with this diet plan, daily treadmill session is included. Minimum is to burn 100 calories, but yesterday I went up to 200 calories. I was in the mood I guess! 

I will blog about the menu plan and my experience to this drastic change once I am done with my 5 days.

If this really works, then who needs slimming pills, going to slimming centres, HCG diet, carb blocker pills, liposuction etc etc etc etc?? 

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Well, of course hubby himself is a living walking example - cuz he did lose a lot of weight by just exercising and eating super healthy and cutting calories. But still, I need to try it on my own. What works for him may not work for me, right? (Yeah, right! - that's me being me! Of course it'll work! It's whether I have the determination and commitment or not. There, I've said it out!)

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