Thursday, August 2, 2012

The decision

The decision is to go ahead. But we're not jumping in immediately. Give it a couple of months, and then we will begin this journey, together, holding hands.

In all these turmoil, we lost ourselves.

We have to find us again. Otherwise, it's not worth to embark upon this journey.

We have to be strong.

The tunnel may lead us to a dead end. We have to be prepared to accept it.

But the tunnel may also lead us to having one of the best experiences of our lives.
Nothing will prepare us for it, but it's a journey we are waiting for.

For now, we have to take the first step - regain our faith in the Almighty.

The first step is always the hardest. But we are certain, it's not impossible.

"Everyone is subject to His Command; no one is beyond His Command." - Japji Sahib

Suddenly I remembered this movie: 

 Eating and enjoying life ("Eat"). Finding spirituality ("Pray"). 
And "Love" balances the two.



  1. You'll get there, have faith *hugs*

  2. the best part of this post is the 'us' and the 'we' and the 'our'!

    1. :) Your comment made me smile! TQ!
      It has to be about us, we and our. I believe once you are married, it's no longer me, myself and I :)

  3. Hey that's great sis!

    Hope everything goes well this time around. Keep on praying. Buat all the physical, mental and spiritual preparation for the treatment ok. It's true that we have to be prepared for whatever ends, tapi just try to concentrate if everything works out beautifully. Best kan? U take care sis. Hugs.

    1. Thanks Arena! Yea betul tu, gotta be prepared for whatever the ending may be. I harap the ending is beautiful. Thanks again! Hugs!

  4. you will get there.. no dust to u :D

  5. Thanks Ivy and thank you for visiting my blog :)


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