Monday, September 10, 2012

Fifty Shades Darker

Yes, I have completed the second book. It has the same effect as the first - addictive! 

Ms Steele breaks up with Mr C Grey at the end of the first book. And in the second, the author brings in a little more of a love story.

It is obvious they can't get off each other. But then Ana learns all the more about Christian's dark side. Some information she can't digest at all. It's just all too much. Christian on the other hand, learns something new about himself. He doesn't know how to accept and deal with it.

Then comes the part an ex-submissive who confronted Ana. In all the ups and down, the burning desire for each other is too much to bear. But is it all just pure lust, the excitement of kinky fuckery?

Decisions have to be made. How does Ana move on in life - with or without Christian? What kind of sacrifices are they both willing to make to make the then Dominant & Submissive relationship into a real relationship work?

A new plot to the story at the end - someone is trying to lay Christian to rest, for good.

I can't wait to start on my 3rd and final book. But I am trying to refrain myself afraid that I may finish it even before the weekend! And then I'd be sad to know there won't be more books as the world of Christian Grey is just so addictive! Sigh!

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