Monday, September 3, 2012

The point is - I can walk!

For the first time in many years, I can walk during my menstruation cycle - Day 1 and 2.
Yes, no joke. For most women out there, monthly menstruation is just a discomfort, but to some like me, we suffer! (even the word suffer seems understated).

Before this cycle, I went for a point to point pressure massage. It all started when I went for a foot reflexology and this guy, Allan, told me I am having some "issues" with my lower abdomen organs. I of course, didn't say anything. I just said "Yeah meh?" He continued to explain to me - and to be honest, he was spot on. But you see, whenever I do a foot massage, I refrain from telling them my aches and pains, because I feel they will use that to tell you "Yes, you have this problem, that problem etc etc".

But this time, something told me to discuss with hubby and see if he too agrees for me to do this massage that was recommended by Allan. It's an hour long massage and it starts from the back, and eventually ends at the stomach. It's not painful. The only pain I encountered was my lower pelvic area - which is the culprit for my horrible monthly pain to the point I only can curl in bed.

It seems, my stomach area is "cold" and full of "wind". I am not sure if this makes sense.

Anyway, the second thing I am doing different is, I have been drinking coffee. I am generally not a coffee drinker. But this time, I decided, since coffee is heaty, and a bestie mentioned that coffee does work for her to ease her cramps, I decided, heck why not? Of course I have to counter this with tons of water, extra then my normal intake, more Ural's - just to avoid a UTI attack.

My best friends for these periods are 500mg Ponstans, Panadols & gastric medicines.

I am not sure if the massage worked, or the coffee, or both - but this is my first menstrual cycle in many many years that I am able to walk. Yes, I have pain, but I can stand it. I feel like a hand is inside my right pelvic area and pulling, kneading, stretching the hell out of it and it's like the hand is salted and the inside are all cuts and bruises. Try putting salt on a wound! BUT I can walk. Slowly, but I can - that's the point.


  1. ponstans... i'd frown every time i hear people using that.

    but i don't get pains to need them. so it's one of them necessary evil, i guess.


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