Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Weight loss menu plan

Ok, I did mention I will share hubby's weight loss program and menu plan for that one week that I tried. And yes, it works! Yes, you read that right - it works and it is a successful plan that doesn't cost a single penny.

Beginning of the year, my weight was 76kg. Then on August 6th, I was 68.3kg, the beginning of my Day 1 for this plan. At the end of it, I was 66.4kg - a total loss of 1.9kg in 7 days.

Here goes:

Day 1 Monday
Weight: 68.3kg
Breakfast: 2 eggs, 1 mug of coffee
Lunch: Vegetables
Evening: Tea
Treadmill: 100 calories
Dinner: Fruits (Avoid bananas, mango)

Day 2 Tuesday
Weight: 68.1kg
Breakfast: Protein shake (Herbalife) 
Lunch: 2 green apples. Granny Smith apples are the best
Evening: Oats
Treadmill: 200 calories
Dinner: Brocolli & yoghurt dip

Day 3 Wednesday
Weight: 67.3kg
Breakfast: 2 eggs, 1 mug of coffee
Lunch: Protein shake (Herbalife)
Evening: 2 dates (kurma)
Treadmill: 100 calories
Dinner: Pork tenderloin

Day 4 Thursday
Weight: 67.3kg
Breakfast: 2 Thosai
Lunch: 1 apple
Evening:  - 
Treadmill: 130 calories
Dinner: Lentils & Spinach

Day 5 Friday
Weight: 67.5kg
Breakfast: 2 eggs, 1 mug of coffee
Lunch: Lentils & Spinach (leftover)
Evening:  - 
Treadmill: 130 calories
Dinner: Some pan fried no batter nuggets

Day 6 Saturday
Weight: 66.8kg

Day 7 Sunday
Weight: 66.4kg

Water is your best friend throughout. Sometimes we think we are hungry, but in actual fact, we are thirsty. We had Herbalife lying in the kitchen cabinet for a while. So just wanted to finish it. If you don't have it, you can substitute it with eggs etc. I was suppose to have a egg sandwhich on Day 4, but I had 2 Thosai instead. Haha Well, yes, I altered the menu plan he did for me a tiny wee bit! This includes the treadmill sessions too - he was lenient and the min I should do is up to 100 calories. On days I was in the mood, I'd just walk longer.

As of this morning, I am 65.1kg. Yes, I am delighted! I am sure I could have lost more if for the past few days I did some walking at least on the treadmill. But due to my menstrual cycle, it has been put on hold. For you ladies out there, don't despair if before your period, your weight goes up by a kg or two. 4 days ago mine was 67 plus... But I knew, it was because of my period. I didn't bother checking my weight until this morning.

Good luck to whoever who wants to try the above! And to those who think they can't do it - yes you can. Cuz we could! Trust me, we love to eat! But now we love our health more than anything. And I for one, definitely need to lose weight if we are going to take the plunge. (Hopefully we wouldn't have to eh?).


  1. thanks for the menus. tapi kena usaha kuat untuk follow menu ni..kena berusha keras..huhu..

    1. You are most welcome! Yeah lah, memang susah sikit nak follow but have to la if you wanna see results. No pain no gain kan? Heheh I teringin sangat nak makan a whole slice of cake and maybe one whole tub of ice cream! Hahah

  2. Wow babe 2 kgs in a week is a pretty good feat, congrats! But how u manage to get by the day with so little food? I'm soo tempted to try this but I know the discipline has to be there. Kudos to you, proud of you!

  3. Yeap yeap! And if I am disciplined to really follow, I would have lost more to date! Hehe Honestly babe, that was my first thought. I am used to having meals. And in between, I must admit, I snack on some biscuits etc. But you know what, it's all in our head. It's not like we aren't eating. There is food being supplied to our precious tummies. It's just the calories are super low. Drink lots of water babe. Sometimes it's really all that we are is thirsty. Not hungry.


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