Friday, October 12, 2012

IVF - 1st Appointment

Firstly, my first injection for IVF starts on day 22 of my next month's cycle. The reason: Pantai Hsp is having renovations going on - next to the IVF lab, our doctor is not in favor to have embryos be affected in any way because of the paint fumes. He wants to ensure that nothing affects the quality of the embryos. He has put on hold any IVF treatments for patients until the renovation is over and done with.

That's the first injection part. Before that, we have to do blood tests etc (both of us). There will be a few more visits to the doctor. They will also do a mock transfer to ensure the doctor is familiar with 'my passage'  and gets it right when he does the real embryo transfer. Didn't know all this happens as well. But it gives us confidence to know that our doctor is "particular".

The doctor's own words: "It is a very high roller coaster that you both would have ever taken. Emotionally, mentally & physically". Also, he wants us to have OCD in us - because he wants us to be really kiasu about this IVF. The jabs has to be taken precisely at the same time every day. I will be doing long protocol - so the first part of the injections will last 14 days, then the next part of the injections another week or so. He doesn't want us to slack in any way - or become lazy - or take it lightly. No excuses are accepted. 

Side effects: Yes, there are. I may have menopausal symptom. Every women is different. So can't say for sure. As for weight gain - it's more of a myth - because women tend to eat a lot during this time due to stress. The hormone levels when the first injection is taken drop really low. But if we control our diet and exercise lightly, it should be ok. There is a list of side effects that he will share with us when he sees us after our blood test results are out end of this month. There will be a consent signing session as well in one of the appointments before the IVF.

Since I am suspected to have tubal hydrosalpinx, he will confirm with my file in Pantai when I did the surgery whether the affected tube was clipped or not. Otherwise, I will have to do that surgery first, before starting IVF. Oh and Chinese herbs are a no no starting now.

He did a scan yday and saw I have one egg, ready to pop anytime. Advised us to have sex everyday for the next 5 to 7 days beginning last night. Who knows, we may just get lucky. If it really does happen, it will be the highlight of this whole journey!

Baby dust to all!


  1. Gosh babe, literally sitting at the edge of my chair now...and waiting for your next update of course :)

    1. Heheheh it's really a learning experience!


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