Monday, October 15, 2012

Modem gone Kaput

Our home modem has gone kaput. Yeap, since Friday that is. So it kinda suck not having WiFi at home. See, I don't use data on my phone, it's always the WiFi at home. So not having WiFi is kinda odd. But it's not like I can't live without it.

It got me thinking how some people especially the younger generation depend on the internet so much. They don't go out and seek entertainment, instead their entertainment is solely relying on the internet. A colleague's daughter, who opted not to continue school any longer, sits in front of her computer from the time she wakes up, until the time she sleeps at wee hours in the morning. That's all her life is. Everyday. Yes, every single day.

Then the company my husband works for partly deals with students from various colleges and universities. Oh my God, when I hear the kind of complains these students have - and all related to the internet - makes me wonder, don't they have a life outside this world wide web? All they want is to play their online games, download movies, etc.

What is becoming to children of this era? I remember during my childhood days, my brother and I used to play badminton outside our house in Johor Bahru. We used to have stuff to do outside. To occupy ourselves. When I learnt how to ride a bicycle, thanks to my grandfather, I used to go and practice daily. Yes, I fell down, I cried, and did it all over again. When cousins got together, there was a lot of teasing, playing pranks on each other - especially on me, because I was the only girl - but it was fun. Now? Now children find that the internet is a way of life.

Yes, technology evolves. Yes, we all evolve. Using technology for the right purpose, (and yes for some entertainment too which includes social networking) is the right way. But to be depending on the internet to make your day is rubbish.
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