Friday, November 30, 2012

IVF - 4th Appointment: Mock Transfer

Day 9 - Mock Transfer. This time we waited more than an hour to see the doctor. Our appointment was at 10.30am, and our turn only came at 12.10pm. 

The doctor mentioned that the mock transfer would be exactly as how an IUI is done. So I told the doctor that based on my 3 IUI experience, the doctor then had to clip my cervix in order to get through to my uterus. And also, I have a retroveted uterus. The clippig of the cervix is the most painful for me. The doctor said, let's take a look first, and then we take it from there.

It was a piece of cake! No clipping of cervix was needed. He just used a plastic speculum and a cathetar - and in hardly a minute, I was seeing the cathethar in my uterus on the screen. This doctor is simply awesome. The whole procedure was just like a red ant bite! Ahhh so relieved! No wonder for some, IUI is not a big deal! Now I get it. It was just unfortunate that during my IUIs it wasn't so smooth. Well, nothing seemed to be smooth for me anyway!

The doctor said he didn't foresee any problems during the real embryo transfer.

I felt like giving the doctor a hug for making it so pain free! An ant bite doesn't count as pain!

Next up - Day 21: The beginning of the injections.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

IVF - 3rd Appoitment: TVS Scan

This month my period came unexpectedly early. I was 4 to 5 days early. Sigh. Looking back, I realize, I did have symptoms - I wanted to just munch and munch non stop. Ahh no wonder. 

It came on Friday - 16th, afternoon, in office. I managed to continue work until about 5.30pm, then I knew, if I continue to stay on, I won't be able to drive back home. True enough, I reached home, had my shower, and was on the bed - curled in pain. I didn't dare take any pain killers as this cycle we are starting IVF - so just had to bare with the pain. I didn't even know when hubby got home. All I knew is, he was next to me, asking me what do I want to have for dinner. I had no appetite. I just felt like cutting open my insides and taking everything out. Yes, that's how bad my dysmenorrhea is. 

Anyway, since Day 2 I was suppose to see the doctor for my TVS scan - I had sent my doc a text and he replied to go in at 10am the next day to see him at Pantai. The scan was not as disgusting as I thought it would be. Thank God my flow at that point of time wasn't just gushing out. I went to the washroom, got myself cleaned up and then got on to the examination bed. He inserted the scan stick, and moved it around. All I felt was really bad pressure. But after the scan, my dysmenorrhea was worse.

During this visit, the doctor also gave us consent forms for me to sign. He went through again and again to ensure we are very much equipped with all the information no matter how tiny it may be. He kept asking us if we have any questions at all. 

Next up - Day 9 - Mock transfer. 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Super busy

I have not had time to update my blog, check my emails, or even just switch on my laptop to browse around. The reason is just one: Busy. Yes, I am really that busy. My office is shifting, and being in the Office Services department, and literally the only staff - apart from my boss, who is already so busy as she's the MD's secreatary as well, the despatch who we can't rely on even the simplest things, and the receptionist, who is always willing to help, but she's due to deliver anytime, so I took up the responsibility. Not because I was being told, but because I have ownership. 

I work from 7 something in the morning, until 7ish / 8 at night. By the time I come home, I am soo mentally exhausted that all I feel like doing is shower and sleep. But even sleep has become an issue. I am too tired to fall asleep! I have been going to office even on weekends. I have not had time to pack my own things, as I for one, have to pack items from the Stationery Store, the Staff Shop, the General Storage items, the Mail Room and then my own stuff. I have even gotten hubby dearest to help me with the packing, which he said no problem! Awww

All through my years working here, I have never really worked so close with the head of the dpt, who is also the HR manager. But this time, it's to the extend that I update him from time to time via WhatsApp. 

I am hoping that before I start my IVF injections, everything would have been settled and start to be calm a little bit. Next week - is the actual move. Everyone is already going to be at the new office - officially start work from there. But I would have to oversee the moving of everyone's boxes. 5 days - 3 floors. The week after, all the cabinets. 

I so need a good massage and I can't wait to clear my 6 days leave before the end of my contract!

I am taking this time that I have now before hubs wake up and our day begins at the office again to update whatever I can. I will be writing on my 3rd & 4th IVF appointments and it will be set to publish on different dates.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Chefel Flip 'N' Cook Pan

Yes. I did buy it! We got this on the 28th October. Two word review: Just great!

I have been cooking using this since I got hold of it. Hubby can even say "aren't you going to give it a break?" Hahah It serves as a non stick pan, frying pan, grill pan & pressurized pan. 

Cooking is cut by half the time because of the pressurized ability. Imagine a pressure cooker's concept made into a pan. And yes, it is true, you can flip and cook on both sides. And yes, no splatters & hardly any effort needed to clean it. 

I am in love with this pan! 

Oh and for those of you out there who don't have a microwave (yes, we don't have a microwave at home), this pan does the trick. I wanted to test if I could thaw chicken fillets right from the freezer, and yes, in less than 5 minutes, the chicken was already thawed! 

If you are using sauces to cook, please expect some of the extra liquid that comes out from the built in oil/liquid trap. But it's no big deal as all you need to do is wipe your stove with a damp cloth. Yeap. That's it. 

Most times I cook dinner once I get home from work. And I will store them in pyrex / bowls and keep them in the oven so that it still remains hot when hubby has his dinner. And then there's all those dishes to wash. But now, I make everything, and yes, I still dish it out, but once I am done, I just dish everything back into the pan in sections. When hubs is back and ready to have his dinner, I just heat it up for like a minute or so, and done. Takes me 2 minutes to clean up. So I don't have to be spending time to clean up again. 

There is a 1 year warranty for this product by Cosway. Price is RM159 + 4 Redemption Points.

Friday, November 2, 2012

IVF - 2nd Appointment

Yesterday we went for our 2nd appointment. Some blood work was done on my Day 2 last week, so this is the follow-up appointment. Our blood work results are all good to go for IVF. Yes, in approximately two to three weeks, we embark on this journey. 

Here are a few things the doctor shared with us. First of all, we have to follow the dates he has written down for us. No excuses are accepted. In a nutshell, here's the schedule for now:

Day 2 next period, to see him for a scan. Yes, as disgusting as it may sound, he will do a transvaginal scan to do a Antral Follicle Count. On Day 9 or 10, he will do a mock transfer. And on Day 21, I start my injections. The first injection will be twice a day for two weeks. Then I will have to go in for a scan, and he will put me on another injection - to trigger my ovaries to produce extra eggs. Once I start my second phase of injections, I would have to go in every other day for a scan. The whole process takes about 4 weeks.  

And on the cost, there may be an increase of RM1,500. We are totally prepared for IVF, especially me. And I do not want to further postpone this. Hence, due to some delays of the renovation in Pantai Hospital, he may do the embryo retrieval and transfer and use the embryo lab at KL Fertility Centre in Damansara Heights. Yes, as some of you might know - the clinic of Dr Prashant. My doctor and Dr Prashant work very closely together. 

I think from the look of my face, the doctor knew I was concerned what if there are anymore price increase. So I decided to be honest and tell him that we are taking a loan for this. He smiled and said, from your parents only right? I looked at him straight face, no, our parents don't even know we are doing IVF. Then he became serious and told us that he would definitely cap the price and would not over exceed more than what we have discussed. Pheww

Oh, and we have to get a cooler box. All the medications are heat sensitive.

He again stressed out about this being an emotional, mental and even financial roller coaster. 

I was going to ask him about emergency contact numbers once we start the injections. I understand from Arena that Sunfert provides a hotline number. Before I could ask, the doctor gave his card and wrote his mobile number on it. So I jokingly asked him, so if there's an emergency of some sort, we can call you directly. He smiled and said yes, of course. Okay, that's a relieve!

Whatever it is, we are looking forward to it. I even told the doctor that I for one need to do this. Get it over and done with it. If it's positive, awesome, if it isn't, then I want to move on. And hubby agreed too.

It just got me thinking as I write this - if it's positive, it will be the best Birthday gift to have!! 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Karva Chauth - Mehndi / Henna

Yes, I am fasting tomorrow (2nd Nov). No, it's not a religion thing. No, it's not my first time, but yes, it's my first time doing it almost the right way - not with the pooja stuff etc. Anyway, why I have decided to do it this year this way, is because I feel that the bond my husband and I share is very much stronger. We are more in tune with each other. Perhaps the TTC journey has made us this way. I wouldn't want it any other way. 

Karva Chauth (Hindi: करवा चौथ, Punjabi: ਕਰਵਾ ਚੌਥ) is an annual one-day festival celebrated by Hindu and some Sikh women in North India, the Indian state of Gujarat and parts of Pakistan in which married women fast from sunrise to moonrise for the safety and longevity of their husbands. - Wikepedia

First off, the mehndi / henna. I contacted a few henna artists on FB but some of them never even bothered to reply me. And then I forgot about it until 25th Oct when I decided to email Nakreze Mehndi. I got a reply the very next day and she was keen to do it for me. In the midst of having so many things going on in office and at home, I thought that 2nd November was still another week ahead. Next thing I realized, it was this week! Nevertheless, Leena of Nakreze was so very accommodating. Mind you, I had even told her that I only wanted a design between RM10-20, and yet, she didn't hesitate, what more turn me down, to come personally to my home and do it for me. Yes, just for me, one person. Now where can you get such a service? For a mere RM10-20 design per side, almost every henna artist would say no or would tell you to go by their place instead.

It was raining yesterday night. I was worried for her, not because I might not be able to get the henna done, but for her safety. Yes, I am a nice person okay? :) But she was so calm and cool, and told me not to worry and that she will be at my place by 9.30pm. By the way, she even thinks ahead for you that you would have to have dinner etc, so once you are done with everything, she will come by to do the henna. 

The moment we met, I liked her instantly. She is very humble, down to earth, no arrogance, friendly and a very lovely, sweet young lady! I honestly hope that she will continue to remain this way even when she starts having big businesses coming her way. People like me will continue to sing songs of her. And no, this is not a paid review! 

Oh, the henna that she uses, doesn't even need any lime juice to be dabbed on. Just wait for an hour till it dries completely, scrub it off and don't wash your hands - even with just water for 12 hours. Since I had to come in to office super early today, I didn't have the 12 hours, but yet, the henna has darken.

So fancy some henna for an occasion, dinner, or just for the fun of it? Contact Leena - trust me, you won't regret it! 

Here's what it look like once I scraped it off:
In the morning when I woke up today:


No, my hands didn't turn from orange, to brown to white in one day! Blame it solely on the lighting and my lack of skills in photography! Haha


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