Friday, November 2, 2012

IVF - 2nd Appointment

Yesterday we went for our 2nd appointment. Some blood work was done on my Day 2 last week, so this is the follow-up appointment. Our blood work results are all good to go for IVF. Yes, in approximately two to three weeks, we embark on this journey. 

Here are a few things the doctor shared with us. First of all, we have to follow the dates he has written down for us. No excuses are accepted. In a nutshell, here's the schedule for now:

Day 2 next period, to see him for a scan. Yes, as disgusting as it may sound, he will do a transvaginal scan to do a Antral Follicle Count. On Day 9 or 10, he will do a mock transfer. And on Day 21, I start my injections. The first injection will be twice a day for two weeks. Then I will have to go in for a scan, and he will put me on another injection - to trigger my ovaries to produce extra eggs. Once I start my second phase of injections, I would have to go in every other day for a scan. The whole process takes about 4 weeks.  

And on the cost, there may be an increase of RM1,500. We are totally prepared for IVF, especially me. And I do not want to further postpone this. Hence, due to some delays of the renovation in Pantai Hospital, he may do the embryo retrieval and transfer and use the embryo lab at KL Fertility Centre in Damansara Heights. Yes, as some of you might know - the clinic of Dr Prashant. My doctor and Dr Prashant work very closely together. 

I think from the look of my face, the doctor knew I was concerned what if there are anymore price increase. So I decided to be honest and tell him that we are taking a loan for this. He smiled and said, from your parents only right? I looked at him straight face, no, our parents don't even know we are doing IVF. Then he became serious and told us that he would definitely cap the price and would not over exceed more than what we have discussed. Pheww

Oh, and we have to get a cooler box. All the medications are heat sensitive.

He again stressed out about this being an emotional, mental and even financial roller coaster. 

I was going to ask him about emergency contact numbers once we start the injections. I understand from Arena that Sunfert provides a hotline number. Before I could ask, the doctor gave his card and wrote his mobile number on it. So I jokingly asked him, so if there's an emergency of some sort, we can call you directly. He smiled and said yes, of course. Okay, that's a relieve!

Whatever it is, we are looking forward to it. I even told the doctor that I for one need to do this. Get it over and done with it. If it's positive, awesome, if it isn't, then I want to move on. And hubby agreed too.

It just got me thinking as I write this - if it's positive, it will be the best Birthday gift to have!! 


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  2. All the best dear.

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