Friday, November 30, 2012

IVF - 4th Appointment: Mock Transfer

Day 9 - Mock Transfer. This time we waited more than an hour to see the doctor. Our appointment was at 10.30am, and our turn only came at 12.10pm. 

The doctor mentioned that the mock transfer would be exactly as how an IUI is done. So I told the doctor that based on my 3 IUI experience, the doctor then had to clip my cervix in order to get through to my uterus. And also, I have a retroveted uterus. The clippig of the cervix is the most painful for me. The doctor said, let's take a look first, and then we take it from there.

It was a piece of cake! No clipping of cervix was needed. He just used a plastic speculum and a cathetar - and in hardly a minute, I was seeing the cathethar in my uterus on the screen. This doctor is simply awesome. The whole procedure was just like a red ant bite! Ahhh so relieved! No wonder for some, IUI is not a big deal! Now I get it. It was just unfortunate that during my IUIs it wasn't so smooth. Well, nothing seemed to be smooth for me anyway!

The doctor said he didn't foresee any problems during the real embryo transfer.

I felt like giving the doctor a hug for making it so pain free! An ant bite doesn't count as pain!

Next up - Day 21: The beginning of the injections.


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