Monday, November 26, 2012

Super busy

I have not had time to update my blog, check my emails, or even just switch on my laptop to browse around. The reason is just one: Busy. Yes, I am really that busy. My office is shifting, and being in the Office Services department, and literally the only staff - apart from my boss, who is already so busy as she's the MD's secreatary as well, the despatch who we can't rely on even the simplest things, and the receptionist, who is always willing to help, but she's due to deliver anytime, so I took up the responsibility. Not because I was being told, but because I have ownership. 

I work from 7 something in the morning, until 7ish / 8 at night. By the time I come home, I am soo mentally exhausted that all I feel like doing is shower and sleep. But even sleep has become an issue. I am too tired to fall asleep! I have been going to office even on weekends. I have not had time to pack my own things, as I for one, have to pack items from the Stationery Store, the Staff Shop, the General Storage items, the Mail Room and then my own stuff. I have even gotten hubby dearest to help me with the packing, which he said no problem! Awww

All through my years working here, I have never really worked so close with the head of the dpt, who is also the HR manager. But this time, it's to the extend that I update him from time to time via WhatsApp. 

I am hoping that before I start my IVF injections, everything would have been settled and start to be calm a little bit. Next week - is the actual move. Everyone is already going to be at the new office - officially start work from there. But I would have to oversee the moving of everyone's boxes. 5 days - 3 floors. The week after, all the cabinets. 

I so need a good massage and I can't wait to clear my 6 days leave before the end of my contract!

I am taking this time that I have now before hubs wake up and our day begins at the office again to update whatever I can. I will be writing on my 3rd & 4th IVF appointments and it will be set to publish on different dates.


  1. cant they.. i dunno... hire a few muscles to help with the move?

    1. Well, I wasn't lifting stuff... but yes, I was the only one overseeing the whole thing :(


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