Thursday, December 27, 2012

Dato' Dr. Sivamohan; Damansara Specialist Centre

I've decided to blog about the hospitals we've been to, and our experience with the doctors we've met. Let me start with the first doctor we've ever seen in 2005 - Dato' Dr. Sivamohan who is a consultant OBGYN at Damansara Specialist Centre. 

He was the doctor who put me on Mercilon, the OCP. We went to him a few times, but then we didn't follow up thereafter. For some reason, I was not so comfortable with him. Yes, he may be very experience, but I was not too sure if he would take us seriously. Sometimes a doctor who is too experienced would think that they know your health very well just by talking to you and asking a couple of general questions. 

We didn't go to him for any main issues. We definitely were not planning to get pregnant then, hence the OCP. But now that I look back, I suppose I would have thought twice about going on OCP for almost 6 years if the doctor would have taken the initiative to explain and give us some knowledge on it. 

I have heard a lot of great things about this doctor. No doubt, he is very experienced, but he just couldn't be our doctor. 

As for the hospital, nothing much to say since he has a clinic / waiting area of his own. Yes, the wait at times can be long, but isn't that a norm anywhere? As for charges, consultation only is anything between RM90 - RM120.

Disclaimer: All comments & thoughts stated above regarding the doctor & the hospital are solely of my own. Hence, judge the doctor for yourself before blindly deciding. What you look for in a doctor is not the same with me. Make an appointment to see a doctor, go for it, have a chat, and then decide.

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