Friday, December 28, 2012

Dr. Fatima Najla; Kelana Jaya Medical Centre

In 2010, we decided to see a doctor to ask on how do I stop my OCP. Whether I would need to slowly ween off it or take any supplement to reduce any side effects I may have. Since we didn't want to return to Dr. Siva, I searched / asked around for a lady doctor. We thought let's try a lady doctor : Dr. Fatima Najla.

The hospital itself is okay. In comparison to Damansara Specialist Centre, the difference was almost nothing. Now you must have thought I'd say DSC was much better eh? The waiting time is no difference - can get quite long despite having an appointment made. She has evening clinics as well, which is a plus point. Consultation is between RM50 - RM70

The doctor is very nice. She doesn't rush you and she takes the time to explain things to you. We went to her a couple of times, but didn't continue again since she or the hospital do not do infertility investigations. We'd rather see a doctor at a hospital with the whole works. And yes, she gave me a prescription of Clomid without doing any sort of investigation. Perhaps it was common for some doctors to give patients who are already 30 to go on Clomid and say, okay, now you guys try this cycle with it.

Disclaimer: All comments & thoughts stated above regarding the doctor & the hospital are solely of my own. Hence, judge the doctor for yourself before blindly deciding. What you look for in a doctor is not the same with me. Make an appointment to see a doctor, go for it, have a chat, and then decide.

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