Saturday, December 8, 2012

IVF - 5th Appointment: The start of the injections

Day 21 was on December 6th. I was very prepared for the injections but not for the side effects. Menopausal side effects can be scary. And with my history of PMDD, I was all the more freaked out. Funny isn't it? Most are scared of the injections....

I don't know if I've mentioned before - I am being put on the long protocol. This has been the way for IVF since ages ago, and is a better way to control my hormones compared to a short protocol. Based on my history, the doctor preferred that I go on the long protocol. 

Anyway, we went in for our appointment at Pantai. The doctor first of all did a TVS scan - to check on any possibility of cyst, or unusual happening with my insides. Lo and behold, I was shocked when he said I had a 4cm cyst. But then he also just as immediately added that it is most likely a corpus luteum since it was my Day 21 of my cycle.

Then we were sent to do the payment and to collect our meds for the whole cycle. It took us almost an hour to get our meds cuz the pharmacy had some issues regarding authorization to give out IVF meds. Finally our doctor spoke to the CEO and got the meds released for us on the package price. I will share the total package breakdown once all this is done. 

We had brought along our own cooler box, but to our surprise, it wasn't big enough! So the pharmacy gave us a polystyrene cooler box with all the meds in it. 

We then went back to the doctor's clinic and we were taught on how to do the injections. It has to be done twice a day and precisely at the same time - starting from the 2nd injection. Since we did it at 7.10pm, we had to do it everyday at 7.10am & 7.10pm. Yes, we have to plan our days wisely as I can never miss the timing to the injections. Yes, never. For the first 2 weeks - it will be only 1 med - Suprefact - 0.1ml twice a day.

In total it would be 28 injections - exactly 2 weeks. Hubby has given me once so far, and I've been doing on my own. It isn't a big deal. Just a pin prick. Yes, seriously. Probably my threshold for pain is different than others.

All the meds kept in the fridge the moment we got home. It took up the first shelf entirely!

The syringes
Excuse the photo. I can't seem to upload it the right way despite rotating it.
Anyway, this is the prep daily - Suprefact to be taken out 5 min before, 1 syringe & 2 alcohol swabs - 1 for the bottle, and another for the tummy.
The needle
The injection is done 2 fingers side of the navel, and 2 fingers below. The reason for this is because there are no major veins here. This is not an IV injection.

Next appointment is on Day 2 of my period. Yes, I will bleed as per normal. 

So far the side effects I have felt:
Day 1 & 2 - floaty feeling. It's like I am high on alcohol. 
Day 3 - was a bit edgy.

Hope it doesn't get any worse.


  1. Everyday during ivf treatment is new and every experience is strange. I think it is the best treatment to serve humanity.

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  2. the view of needles makes me dizzy all in a sudden

    1. Ooops, sorry. Heads up - my next post will have more of it.. well the needles can't be seen tho..


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