Tuesday, December 18, 2012

IVF - 6th Appointment: Second phase

Day 2 period i.e. 13th Dec I gave blood & 14th Dec was our appointment. My blood work and TVS was all good and we are game for the second phase. The cyst that was seen in the last appointment, wasn't a cyst after all. The second phase is the complicated phase as the injections are not as straight forward. I am on Foliculin 225i.u and the continuation of Suprefact but only once a day. So now I take both the injections at the same time in the morning. The doctor explained that in the long protocol, the meds are mixed on our own based on my body's reaction. I will soon be adding another med into the injection. Tomorrow is our appointment to see if my ovaries are responding well - not too well either. It has to be balanced. 

The Foluculin injection is more than just an ant bite. This, I feel the pain. During and after injecting. The pain subsides after about 15 to 20 minutes. I was bleeding fresh blood the day before and also yesterday. As worried as I was in getting OHSS, but what hubby said came out true - it must have been just the stress, plus my period must have been not over entirely.

The daily dose for now
What do I feel? At times agitated, hot flush, my right pelvic area aches - nagging sort of ache, headaches.

Lets see what tomorrow's appointment unfolds.


  1. Gosh babe, hang in there, gonna be all worth it. EMAIL ME!!!

    1. Hanging in there babe... I hope it will be worth it :)


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