Sunday, December 23, 2012

IVF - 8th Appointment: Increase of FSH: 300iu

21st Dec again a trip to the hospital. Well, it's a norm now. The doctor did mention that once we start the second phase, we will have to go in alternate days. Since the follicles in my left ovary is still lagging behind, the doctor has decided to increase my dosages. So today was 3 boxes of Foliculin and 1 box of HuMog. Oh, I forgot to mention, that Suprefact has to be continued daily. Suprefact is the one that ensures the doctor has full control over my hormones. 

I was a bit upset that my ovaries were not responding well. But the doctor kept saying it's okay, because all we need is one good egg. But it's a number game. The more the eggs, the chances of more embryos. Of course I was hoping for the minimum - 10.

I was depressed the whole day. But thank God I came out of it by night when hubby got home from work. 

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