Friday, January 4, 2013

Embryo Transfer

Our embryo transfer was on New Year's day. Yeap yeap - 1st Jan 2013. We were to be at KL Fertility Centre by 8.45am. Before heading there, we decided to visit HIS home first. Although it was only for 10 minutes, it felt really good. Then we rushed to the centre and was there right on the dot at 8.45am! 

We were greeted and then were taken to a changing room. Hubby had to wear what I call "the doctor's attire" over his clothes and a cap. As for me, I of course had to strip everything and change to the gown & also to wear a cap. 

We were then taken to the procedure room. I was asked to lie down, and the nurses did an ultrasound to see if my bladder was full enough. My bladder was too full till like going to explode! After a couple of minutes, the doctor came. He was glad to see that I was my cheerful self again. You see, just the day before, we got to know that out of the 7 eggs, only 2 fertilized. So I was disappointed. And the doctor sensed that  through my text messages reply. 

Anyway, then the doctor told hubby to sit on a stool next to me and to see the screen. Once the doctor prepped me (just like the mock transfer), he then alerted the embryologist, who then brought our little embies in a syringe like thing. Then, our little embies were placed in my uterus. We could see the tiny white dots on the screen. Even this to us was an achievement. We have never gotten this close ever. Once all done, I was asked to lie down for 20 minutes before I was allowed to pee. We both were just in awe looking at the printout that was given to us. Of course I boldly asked the doctor, can we please have a printout? Hahah

Then once I pee'd, I was again asked to rest for another 30 minutes. Then we headed home. And since then up to last night, I have been lying down with my legs up, watching TV, sleeping. But today, I think that's enough. I can't take the attention I am getting as well. It's getting a bit annoying. Yes, my mum has been a gem coming and caring for me - cooking etc. But I am not used to it. Despite telling her not to come today, she still insist on coming over later to ensure I have my lunch and what not. Sigh. I appreciate it a lot, and sometimes I wonder, how can she just keep doing things for her loved ones? She drives all the way from her place to mine, which at times, the jam can be horrible. And immediately gets down to business. To top it off, she has my dad to go back to, who also needs her 100% attention. 

Anyway, the two week wait begins and it will end on 15th Jan. Let's hope that our little embryos will become our little miracle!


  1. Good luck and stay positive !!!

  2. Good luck.. The New year is gonna be superb for you :)

  3. They're called Em n Rio dont give them funny names all :P Masi will get angry at Mommy :D and lil Em n Rio pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee learn fast ... Masi has to shop for you both :P

  4. All the best absolutely nothing accept be happy n stay positive. Start talking to those embies as well. Take care dear. Hope to hearvgud news after this

    1. Thank u so much Sis! Believe it or not, I ada refer yr blog a couple of times on the IVF part. And of course, I happy sangat bila tengok your success and dream come true - Farhan. Hugs!


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