Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What would we do differently?

If we ever do try IVF/ICSI again, there is one thing we would do differently.

Not inform anyone. 

Yeap. First of all, there is pressure, from parents esp. They are overly concern. Which is because they love us, but then, it can get a bit too much that it ends up in pressure.

Some truly understand so they know what to say to you. They even give you the space because they respect the fact that you need to do this alone, with your husband. But some who don't - just tell you stuff that it's the last things you want to hear.

I know that they are all very concerned, sad and what not. But it has happened to us. We were hit the worst. So please, spare us.

My SIL said something about me that I realized is true. When I am upset, I will be upset. Plus this was the worst news we ever got. So yes, I will be. But I will also pull myself together and come out strong. 

It's Day 7 (21st Jan) as I write this, and I am fine.  I am proud of my progress and so is hubby!


  1. Heya,
    I hope you are doing fine. Came across your blog while surfing.. I have no idea about who you are but i am pretty sure we are in the same boat. I have been married for 4 1/2 years....ttc ever since married.. 3 fresh ivf icsi and 3 frozen cycles.. conceived during my 3rd ivf ( wic is my 2nd fresh cyc), however lost my baby at 4 mnths due to incompetent cervix....anothr positive frozen cyc which i miscarried at 7 weeks, twins.....due to crumpled sac...My gynea said its probably due to abnormal genes... and a failed 3rd fresh ivf im all in for a frozen cycle end of ths mth... and i wont give up if i were to continue with more cycles... This ivf thngie is like gambling, a win or loss... i really feel ur pain and this journey has not ended yet.. i use to write a blog but i stopped after my depression... and now i m inspired to write again soon.. dont give up darling...ur not d only one in ths game... my blog www.miraclejourneyoflife.blogspot. take care.. juz incase u need someone to share takecare love. Hugs.

    1. Hi Vatsy, I am lost of words. I read your comment to my hubby, and he was speechless. I cannot say I feel your pain, because we just had one failed IVF and a few chemical pregnancies before that. But the joy you would have had when the doctor confirms you are pregnant, and then to lose your baby - is something I cannot imagine. Thank you Vatsy, for sharing your journey. Thank you too for sparing some time and writing down your experience here. I had tears reading this, and I cannot imagine how I will feel reading your blog. Hugss!

    2. :-), dont read my blog then...u will cry fr sure... but tell u what.. i wl b thr to wipe ur tears if u promise me u wont give up.. pls try again... ppl go casino gambling, bt v gamble wt life..... to create another life.. keep in touch yea... i will tell u wen i succeed ths time... n i hope u will tell me too.. lots of love n hugs..


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