Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Focal Epilepsy

My mom has the unfortunate luck to be diagnosed with Focal Epilepsy. It all began February 3rd. She was back in Pahang for a family function, and she started to feel very weak, numbness on her left side, difficulty in breathing, her head felt one kind.

I rushed her to IJN, thinking she might be having a heart attack as both her parents have had heart / stroke issues. They did a ECG, and even an enzyme test - her heart had no problems at all. Yet she was feeling the same. The cardiologist suggested to get a CT Scan done immediately. 

The next day, my uncle made some arrangements to see a doc in GH. Yeah, of all places. Well, I took her there, and that doctor refused to do a CT Scan for her. Just ruled out she is having trigeminal neuralgia, just because she gets nerve pains. The thing is, if you have trigeminal neuralgia, you get acute pain on your face. Mom wasn't having that. Her symptoms worsened at night, and I couldn't take it anymore. 

I refused to listen to anyone, and made the bold decision to take her for a CT Scan. The only person I wanted permission from was my brother. I just needed him to say go ahead, do what's necessary. And thank God he did.

Thanks to my cousin sister who is a doc too and knew where's the best place to take her - we got the CT Scan done at Sime Darby Ara Damansara. The results showed no any blood clot or bleeding in the brain, but there was an incidental finding of some tissue that had enlarged. The doctor there recommended to see an ENT. Again, my cousin called up an ENT specialist who is also a family friend, and he immediately said no problem. The same day I rushed her to Prince Court KL, and he did some tests, and looking at the CT Scan, he said she needs to see a neurologist. 

He was saying that he could refer my mom to GH, or Selayang, because you know how some older people are - they die2 also will want to go government, especially in the case of my uncle, who was from the government hospital. Anyway, I made another bold decision and said that if he knew any good neurologist and if he / she can see my mom right away, I would be grateful. He made some calls, and we got to see the neurologist the same day.

The neurologist did some physical tests, and looking at my mom's symptoms, she classified it as TIA. She even scheduled an emergency MRI. But thank God the MRI showed no bleeding of any blood vessel, nor any blood clot was present. 

But after two days, my mom's condition was still very bad. We went back to see the neuro, and this time, my mom could explain how she felt in her head - ants crawling. The doc immediately got her to do a brain wave test. And it was confirmed, my mom has focal epilepsy.

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