Tuesday, April 16, 2013

32nd Birthday Gift

For my 32nd birthday, hubby really did make up for all the 8 years that he never did anything for my all my birthdays. He did the planning, the booking and of course, the driving too. I knew we were going for a holiday, but just never knew where. Yes, I was excited. Well, it's the first time he planned it, so obviously I would be!

As we got onto the North South highway, I kept mentioning places, and I got it all wrong. Until there was only Penang left, I was ecstatic. I used to tell him, one day we should go to Penang bla bla bla... And well, the day came. We drove past Penang town and got into Batu Ferringhi. And my jaw dropped when I saw this:
I was like omg omg omg ... are you serious? I have had experience staying one night in Shangri-La KL for work, and I told myself, one day we will get to stay in a hotel like this too, even if it's just for one night. And lo and behold, it came true on my 32nd birthday!

What can I say, the experience was simply superb. He surely made up for the 8 years! Hahah

Coming up next - tons of photos....


  1. woah babe was waiting for this post coz I wanna see the photos, shall patiently await the long awaited photos, lol.

  2. rasa sayang resort. nice. hehehe.

  3. Happy belated birthday my dear :)


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