Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Better than Nando's?

You bet that's a yes! If you enjoy having chicken at Nando's or you just generally enjoy grilled chicken, you would drool over the chicken served at Peruvie - Peruvian Grilled Chicken! And no, I am not exaggerating! Hubby is into eating protein packed food on his workout days, and since I was being lazy sick, we have been either having take aways or going out for a meal. So happen our DVD guys relocated from SS2 to TTDI, we stumbled upon Peruvie. The first time we just drove past it, but the second time, since we were wanting to have dinner, decided to pop in. 

As you enter, you are greeted with the many friendly staff. No no, not the over friendly kind where it gets annoying. I was coughing my lungs out and without even asking for it, they brought me a small glass of warm pandan infused water. Ahh, talk about being attentive. Anyway, we ordered our food, and as we took our first bite, we knew that we would definitely be returning to this place. Not only their chicken is superb, their sides are great too. Oh, and by far the best honey lemon tea I have ever had, and the price is cheaper than some places.   
Their menu on a mirror - don't quite get this... why mirror?
The kitchen next to the entrance
Colorful chairs

Honey Lemon and glasses of warm water
Hubby's 1/2 chicken
Hubby's 2 sidelines - Garden vege & Potato salad - well, half eaten alrdy
My 1/4 chicken & 2 sidelines - Butter sweet corn & French fries
Tender & succulent!

Ahhh satisfied! ;)
And for all this we paid approx RM50 - I can't quite recall the exact amount and I totally forgot to keep the receipt! Parking can be a pain but with patience, you would surely find one! :) 


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