Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lentils & Cabbage Soup

It's raining and the weather is cool. You come home, and don't really plan to be in the kitchen for long. You wanna have something soupy but not out of a tin and with tons of corn flour. So, what do you do? Make a soup that's not only fast & easy, but also filled with protein, vege & spices :) Hearty soupy do!


1 cup of yellow tiny lentils - easy to cook (split mung beans) - washed
4 cups of water
1 tablespoon of masala (I used Baba's brand - meat curry powder)
1 onion, 6 pips garlic, 1 inch ginger & 2 small tomatoes - all finely chopped (Mine was done by the chopper)
3 medium thin sweet potatoes - sliced approx 1cm in thickness
1 teaspoon of cumin seeds & salt
A pinch of black pepper powder & ajwain (carom seeds)
2 pieces of clove
4 to 5 black pepper corns 
1 whole round cabbage - shredded however you want

Now to make it. Boil the lentils in the 4 cups of water, add  the masala. Then add all the ingredients except for the cabbage. Bring to boil on medium heat and lastly add the cabbage. Done :)

Enjoy it on it's own, or with toasted bread. Oh, this was my own creation. Hubby said with the spices and all, it's a burst of flavors - subtle flavors.

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