Saturday, April 6, 2013

Moving on

Ahhh I'm sure most of you are thinking that this post is on moving on from my last post. Na ahh, fooled u!

It's just moving on. Period :)

I always believe that I am blessed in many ways. Despite all the fucked up events, issues etc. Yes, I am still blessed. I am most of all blessed to have a sister in law whom I can speak my mind and be me. She has never judged me. Never criticized me. She understands what and how I really feel. I sometimes wish she was staying anywhere in the peninsular, where I could take a drive and just have a cup of coffee with her and talk.

She gives me hope in my darkest hours. She gives me strength when I'm on a super low fuel - figuratively speaking. She is like this guardian angel that He blessed me with.

I am sure we must have had our disagreements at some point but honestly I don't remember a thing. All I remember is she made our family one. It's through her I know my brother loves me and cares for me. I knew that I would look up to her as my role model - a wife, a daughter, DIL, mom. Well I failed most of it I think. Haha but nevertheless, she is a perfect score of whatever hat she wore.

I wish I could be like her. So beautiful inside out. So soft spoke. So loving. Oh my god, you can melt at the way she speaks. Aihhh, some wishes are just meant to be wishes. Because to date, I am the total opposite!

Anyway, it's very rare we hear of good relationships between SILs. Wait a minute, mine is great. So well, yes, I am blessed.

I love you PhabiJi! Xoxoxo

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  1. Phabiji me also love you :D because you love JustMeTheMrs lot lot :D


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