Thursday, April 25, 2013


No, I am not writing about the government politics but instead about family politics. We have always been asocial. But since my mom got diagnosed with epilepsy, for the first couple of months, I have been there with her almost everyday including weekends. So people come to visit, I am there. And yes, I do have some social skills still in me. Remember, I am not hostile. Haha 

Anyway, for some reason, some people in the family began to think that we can be taken for granted, and we would  dance around their requests as and when they please. Some don't even know how to respect us as children. I say us, because my brother became a victim as well. Just because we went all out to get our mom checked out, we (or should I say my bro), is being labeled as being very rich. I mean c'mon, where are your brains? Wait a minute, do you even have basic intelligence? I doubt it. 

As I sit back and analyze all these things when it comes to family (which includes uncles and aunts), I began to think that it was way better when I was just how I have always been. Asocial. People don't start to think they have the right to judge you, to instruct you, to ignore you, to disrespect you or to do whatever they think is right with you, for you etc. Because of being asocial, to them you are at arms length. When in times of dire need, yes, we are there. But other than that, I have a life too.


  1. Too big a family sometimes is not a good thing, then again even small families have issues since everybody wants to give their 2 cents opinion. So its best to keep the nice ones close and stay away from the rest and like you said, just be there when needed.

    1. That's so true babe. We are only a family of four, and yet, issues are caused by extended family.


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