Thursday, May 16, 2013

Introducing Greenleaf scented sachets

Are you a fan of scented candles or sachets? Some imported candles and sachets can be really pricey. And those that are cheap, aren't that great. I have tried one from Metrojaya, and oh boy, are they sure their Lavender is really Lavender? When you sniff the scent, it doesn't seem to do justice to what's written on the outside of the sachet. 

Now, let me introduce to you Greenleaf products. It is marketed under the brand name Lovely Scents in Malaysia. No no, it's not Lovely Lace:/

Each fragrance is created in-house, making them unique and specifically formulated to work effectively in every product – ensuring the signature quality that our valuable customers have come to expect from Greenleaf for over 35 years.

Well, like this page and stand a chance to win one 1 scented sachet and 1 scented candle :)

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