Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The power to be a super woman! (Well, sort off)

Have you ever wondered from where you get the stregnth out of no where to be strong, have the energy to care for another being, not getting enough sleep yet able to be awake etc? 

Well, I realized that we women somehow have this in us. Well, let me be honest, not all women okay! Some are just too pampered that if they have to do a bit of house chores, they are already complaining. Imagine if they had to work like a maid - I think they would pass out that instant! Hah!

Ma make shift bed
Anyway, I will be staying over at IJN until NanaJi is discharged. I left work yesterday evening for home, gathered some things (or should I say -  a lot of things), packed my bag, showered, and we both left. Hubby decided to send me and pick me up this morning. 

Right through the night, I hardly slept. Each time NanaJi moves let alone wake up, I get up. It's like I automatically am on a standby mode. Hubby came to pick me up by 6am and headed to our home, and I got somethings done and was on my way to office. 

I am still energized. But I also know that I may burn out someday soon. 

This time I have decided not to put hubby and our home in the back seat. I will leave office, go home first and then leave for IJN. 

Hubby no doubt has been a great pillar. Not once he hesitated to offer to pay for NanaJi's room, nor did he hesitate to allow me to stay for the unknown amount of nights at IJN to be there for NanaJi. 

Any blessings that I have should honestly go to him. I am able to do what I do for those who matter is because of him. Love you Jaan! (Like lah he reads my blog).


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