Thursday, May 23, 2013

We are not cursed

As hubby was driving me today to IJN this evening, we were talking about an online acquaintance. We look around us and we see that there are others who go through a lot worse than we have in terms of our TTC journey. We used to feel that perhaps we were cursed not to have a baby. But we both agreed that we are not. It's either not our time, and it may never be, but we are still blessed in many other ways. Perhaps that is why when this came up, we are still together today and we will be forever and a day. If that makes any sense.


  1. there's always someone not as lucky and somehow they're more thankful.

    1. So true. Well, it's time we be thankful too. Or else, the Big Guy up there will give us a big kick & we would regret forever! ;)

  2. Please do not give up hope. Keep trying :)

  3. Heya...i was thinking, i suggest u may try your luck here at Sunway med ctr.... its called sunfert... hmm.... i thnk their package wud cost abt 14900..... u can call in to make appmnt and just bring along all your previous medical reports so that you dont need to repeat it agn... probly thy wud only ask u to repeat the semen analysis... just a suggestion.. bt b prepared to wait a few hours... i use to wait min 2 hours to c him.. haha.. no obligation.. juz a suggestion...need not approve ths comment k.. :-). Tc. Xoxo


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