Saturday, June 22, 2013

The truth

We have been contemplating on trying again. We just haven't made up our mind what do we try. Traditional? ICSI? Supplements? As much as I started reading up on some information here and there, hubby has been a bit off the path. 
Back to the drawing board

Finally one night, he sat me down and he talked. He says he is definitely wanting to try again, anything or everything, BUT the image of me crying or rather wailing my lungs out hasn't really been put behind. That image still haunts him. And he says he just can't see me go through what we did all over again. Because as much as we want to be positive, we still have to be strong enough to cope if it is a negative. 

I just nodded. Memories fled back of January 15th. It is true, he may be able to pull through it again, but I may not be able to. Only those who are in this journey would understand what I mean. Well, wait, even those who had gone through this journey and were successful at the end, can forget how to be sensitive towards us who are still trying - so no, only we understand what we feel. 

Perhaps that is why I couldn't sleep at night. Bad dreams - one after another. My mind wasn't in peace. 

Anyway, one thing I know - we will try again, just not too sure when. But definitely before I am 35. Cuz I don't think I want to try after I pass that age. And when we do try, it will be full fledged commitment from us both.

Friday, June 21, 2013

My very own homemade Chili Pan Mee

The end product. Proud of me self! Hubby gave it a 9/10!
I couldn't really enjoy the whole thing but I didn't mind at all :)

I had to google around for a few recipes and finally came up with my own.

 The Sides
  1. Anchovies - cleaned, washed & dried - fry till crispy
  2. Eggs - 2 per person- poached in the soup. Remember the yellow should still be runny
  3. 2 medium onions - chopped finely - fry till crispy
The Soup
  1. In a pot of water, add in 1 teaspoon of salt and about 6 acnchovies
  2.  Bring the water to boil
  3. Add in the sayur manis vege that has been washed - 2 handfuls
  4. Done
The Chilli
  1. Grind soaked dry red chillies - 1 handful with a few pips of garlic, shallots and red chillies 
  2. Once all is ground, put a tablespoon of oil on your non stick pan (I used Chefel)
  3. Let it cook on low heat for about 20 to 30 minutes, stirring occasionally so it doesn't burn
  4. I added in some salt as I didn't add in any dried prawns (as what most recipes call for)
 The Meat
  1. I used 1 small packet of minced pork bought from the supermarket
  2. Marinate it with light, dark & oyster sauce. Add in salt & black pepper as well. 
  3. Cook till done 
Ingredients for The Chili
The Soup once the egg was poached in it
The Chili before cooking it
The whole works before assembly

Now this is how I did it all in under 1 hour:

I marinated the minced pork and kept aside. Started working on the soup & eggs in a pot. Then I cooked the chilli, followed by frying the anchovies and onions and lastly the meat. All this was done in Chefel.

Now, another reason why I did it all in under an hour is because I didn't make my own noodles. I had yee mee noodle packet, I just used that. I cooked the noodle and kept aside. When assembling, I just added a drizzle of sesame oil and tossed it. 

The assembly

A clean kitchen at the end is always a must!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Chili Pan Mee

Do you enjoy Chili Pan Mee? Then you have to try Restoran Super Kitchen's Chili Pan Mee

Yes, their chili pan mee is the best I have ever tried anywhere. The restaurant itself is average, simple and no biggie. But their chili pan mee is to die for. Well, literally. 

I used to go to this place by myself, after work if I feel like having pan mee, as hubby wasn't into all this noodle meals as much as I was. But one day, a couple of months ago, he said he will follow me and have a drink while I have my pan mee. He tried a bite, lo and behold, ever since then, he got hooked to it more than me! Believe it or not, he was so hooked to it that we used to go twice or thrice a week just to have their chili pan mee! 

The whole works

The restorant

Sayur Manis soup

What you get in a bowl
The Key Ingredient - the chili!

All mixed well
Finally I decided I have to try to make this at home. I can't imagine the kind of cholesterol and fat we consume weekly just by having this a couple of times a week! Next up, my version of Home Made Chili Pan Mee :)) 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Home cooked meals

I came up with a whole week menu plan. But let's see how diligently I follow through eh? There are some days I just wanna go home, shower & sleep! Haha

Anyway, we have decided to lay low now & our main aim is to save some money. If we still don't be parents in the near future (which would take quite a bit of money trying anyway - whether it's ICSI again, or new supplements or acupuncture or all of it ), we shall just travel or just save the money & retire early eh? 

Anyway, back to the menu plan, here's what it looks like: 

So I think I shall just challenge myself to see if I can actually do this or not without feeling exhausted to my core. Notice that some vegetables are repetitive. I am planning to buy the vegetables, wash and cut them. So my prep time is reduced. Let's see how this fairs having in mind other chores that needs to be get done as well. Trying not to feel dreadful about it. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I think I have mentioned this before. Anyway, if my post on a certain day mentions yesterday as a Sat, and it isn't, it just means I have written it and set a date for it to be published. I just write when I feel like it, and mostly it's in the evenings, or on weekends. And sometimes I just have so many posts in a day, then I just set dates for it to be published without actually reading it's content and noting down the days (if any) I am referring to in the post. 

On another note, hubby dearest treats me almost weekly to BookXcess. Thanks to my habit of reading that has now come to life. Every chance I get night I read. I try to make that one book last for a week, but at times, I just can't help myself. I know this may sound pathetic, but I only buy books that are on their bargain corner. Ha! RM9.90 per book per week. I think that's okay! :) 

So, if you enjoy reading, but don't want to spend a hefty some on books, check out BookXcess. It's a great place to get well obviously books! Plus it's situated in Amcorp Mall. Swing by on weekends and you would also get to walk around & look see at their flea market. 

Happy reading!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Chappati / Roti / Flat Bread

I have been asked many times, how on earth do I make chappatis at home. Well, I must say, it was all trial and error for me. Yes yes, despite being a punjaben, my chappatis were either hard, in the shape of God alone knows map of which country, burnt, or all of it. Finally after months of trying, I got it right. Well, kinda.

I tried making a video but oh boy I am so bad at it. Hence, here's the closest of how-to video I found. But my ingredients do not include salt nor ghee. Yes, a bit too healthy eh? 

I tried many flours but the best for me is Pillsbury Chakki Aata.

I usually make extra chappatis and freeze them. So whenever we want to have chappatis, we just defrost and heat it up in the microwave. I do this for peranthas as well.

Friday, June 14, 2013

The never ending chores

One afternoon a man came home from work to find total mayhem in his house.He looked at his wife bewildered and asked, What happened here today?  She again smiled and answered, You know every day when you come home from work and you ask me what in the world did I do today? Yes was his incredulous reply. She answered, Well, today I didn’t do it.

Yes, I admit, I do love being a domestic goddess, but I am beginning to realize, that would be possible if I was just staying at home. Lately, I have been feeling exhausted to my core. Work load in office has been increasing and by the time I am home, I am mentally so tired. 

There have been days I wish I didn't have to cook, clean or even do the laundry. But if I don't cook, there's no home food to eat. If I don't clean, the home will be dirty. If I don't do the laundry, we would have to drive to Kepong - give and then collect the laundry.  Ahh yes yes, my dhobi is in Kepong. The cheapest so far I have ever found. RM0.80 for any piece of clothing to iron & RM2 per kg for washing.

You know, all of you who when you go home, a meal is already prepared, your clothes are already washed & ironed, your home is already cleaned - be grateful okay. And stop complaining when and if you have to do some minor chores. Imagine having to do it day in and day out. Remember no food is going to cook itself & be served by the time you reach home and you can't be relying on maggie mees like forever right?
Wouldn't it be nice, for once (or many2 times) when I get to a clean home, coffee is ready to drink with a snack or two, healthy dinner is prepared (not take away), dishes after dinner are all washed, clothes are washed & ironed, and I just relax! 


Oh wait, it can only be a dream.... 
Ahhhhhhhhhh dream on eh?

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sheesh Mahal

Do you enjoy Pakistani / North Indian cuisine? If yes, then you have to try this place. It's not only good food, good service, but also reasonable pricing. It's a small setup, and there may only be 4 servers and I am not too sure how many cooks, but from the moment you are at the front, the doors are opened for you and you are greeted. Once you are seated, you are given water and a small basket of papadum with mint chutney. Then you proceed to order, and your food arrives in less then 20 minutes. I think it's a good waiting time since we usually order Tandoori chicken, which does take some time to prepare.

We even took my parents here for Mother's Day and boy oh boy my mom really enjoyed the Palak Paneer. 
She actually took second helping, which is a huge thing as she hardly eats anything anyway.

I don't really have nice photos but will try to get more better ones when we go  next. 

Their must try are:
1) Tandoori Chicken
2) Palak Paneer
3) Bhendi Masala
4) Tandoori Roti
5) Tandoor Perantha
6) Plain Biryani
7) Daal Makhni
8) Masala Cha
Papadum with mint chutney
Tandoori Chicken

Palak Paneer & Tandoori Roti
The interior. Now they have fully carpeted the restaurant and made some minor changes to their layout.
The entrance

Sheesh Mahal
33 Jalan SS 15/5a, 47500, Subang Jaya

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Somewhat a vegetarian

Did you know, there are more than 5 types of vegetarianism? And I fall in neither of the categories! Haha

Yes, I decided to be a vegetarian probably a few weeks ago. But me being a vegetarian is not for any reason. I've been contemplating on the idea for some time, and one day asked hubby if he would mind me being one, and when he said no, that very evening I became one. 

I am not 'strict'. I can still have chicken curry - but just the curry, not the chicken. Get the jist? Eggs & dairy products are no issues. So I basically just avoid animal flesh. Weird way of putting it, but that's the simplest way to put it.


If you are still keen in reading my writings, ramblings and rants, do check out