Monday, June 17, 2013

Chappati / Roti / Flat Bread

I have been asked many times, how on earth do I make chappatis at home. Well, I must say, it was all trial and error for me. Yes yes, despite being a punjaben, my chappatis were either hard, in the shape of God alone knows map of which country, burnt, or all of it. Finally after months of trying, I got it right. Well, kinda.

I tried making a video but oh boy I am so bad at it. Hence, here's the closest of how-to video I found. But my ingredients do not include salt nor ghee. Yes, a bit too healthy eh? 

I tried many flours but the best for me is Pillsbury Chakki Aata.

I usually make extra chappatis and freeze them. So whenever we want to have chappatis, we just defrost and heat it up in the microwave. I do this for peranthas as well.


  1. i had a taste of chapati at Tasty Chapati restaurant.

    whoa it was good and the indian dude from india says it tastes just like back home.

    1. Ahh nice! Chappatis eaten out is definitely tastier than mine... Unless of course I add in in the dough and spread ghee once it's done as well...

    2. *add in ghee in the dough

      missed out the word ghee and double entry of in pulak. Ish!


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