Thursday, June 20, 2013

Chili Pan Mee

Do you enjoy Chili Pan Mee? Then you have to try Restoran Super Kitchen's Chili Pan Mee

Yes, their chili pan mee is the best I have ever tried anywhere. The restaurant itself is average, simple and no biggie. But their chili pan mee is to die for. Well, literally. 

I used to go to this place by myself, after work if I feel like having pan mee, as hubby wasn't into all this noodle meals as much as I was. But one day, a couple of months ago, he said he will follow me and have a drink while I have my pan mee. He tried a bite, lo and behold, ever since then, he got hooked to it more than me! Believe it or not, he was so hooked to it that we used to go twice or thrice a week just to have their chili pan mee! 

The whole works

The restorant

Sayur Manis soup

What you get in a bowl
The Key Ingredient - the chili!

All mixed well
Finally I decided I have to try to make this at home. I can't imagine the kind of cholesterol and fat we consume weekly just by having this a couple of times a week! Next up, my version of Home Made Chili Pan Mee :)) 

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