Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Home cooked meals

I came up with a whole week menu plan. But let's see how diligently I follow through eh? There are some days I just wanna go home, shower & sleep! Haha

Anyway, we have decided to lay low now & our main aim is to save some money. If we still don't be parents in the near future (which would take quite a bit of money trying anyway - whether it's ICSI again, or new supplements or acupuncture or all of it ), we shall just travel or just save the money & retire early eh? 

Anyway, back to the menu plan, here's what it looks like: 

So I think I shall just challenge myself to see if I can actually do this or not without feeling exhausted to my core. Notice that some vegetables are repetitive. I am planning to buy the vegetables, wash and cut them. So my prep time is reduced. Let's see how this fairs having in mind other chores that needs to be get done as well. Trying not to feel dreadful about it. 


  1. Nice!! The leftover will come in handy. :)

    1. Halo! Thankew... well, let's hope I follow through lah.. making a plan is easy, sticking to it can be tough! haha yes yes, leftover comes in handy for my lunch :)


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