Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sheesh Mahal

Do you enjoy Pakistani / North Indian cuisine? If yes, then you have to try this place. It's not only good food, good service, but also reasonable pricing. It's a small setup, and there may only be 4 servers and I am not too sure how many cooks, but from the moment you are at the front, the doors are opened for you and you are greeted. Once you are seated, you are given water and a small basket of papadum with mint chutney. Then you proceed to order, and your food arrives in less then 20 minutes. I think it's a good waiting time since we usually order Tandoori chicken, which does take some time to prepare.

We even took my parents here for Mother's Day and boy oh boy my mom really enjoyed the Palak Paneer. 
She actually took second helping, which is a huge thing as she hardly eats anything anyway.

I don't really have nice photos but will try to get more better ones when we go  next. 

Their must try are:
1) Tandoori Chicken
2) Palak Paneer
3) Bhendi Masala
4) Tandoori Roti
5) Tandoor Perantha
6) Plain Biryani
7) Daal Makhni
8) Masala Cha
Papadum with mint chutney
Tandoori Chicken

Palak Paneer & Tandoori Roti
The interior. Now they have fully carpeted the restaurant and made some minor changes to their layout.
The entrance

Sheesh Mahal
33 Jalan SS 15/5a, 47500, Subang Jaya


  1. The food looks good babe. I"ve passed by this place a few times on the way for Sairah's doc check up but never thought of stopping to try but I think I should! Tandoori and Palak Paneer my fav!

    1. It tastes equally good too! Yes yes, please do give it a try!


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