Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A plea

We always ask, "why us"
When something bad happens
But we are never forever good ourselves

Now I ask, why him?
He has always been on the righteous path
He has followed Your every Hukam / Command
Your every word

If it's time,
Then please, I beg You
Don't make him suffer

I know I have been selfish
Being the closest I kept saying I wanted him to be with me
But I have come to understand
As he puts it "I am suffering from within"
I do not want him to suffer oh Lord
Please no
He told me to let him go
I can't, but I have to

Please dear Lord
If it's time
Let it be peaceful
For him

If it's not time
Don't make him suffer
Not like this
Old age aches and pains are fine
But please, not like this

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Missing and back, I hope

I have been missing because I have truly been "missing". I didn't know where the "me" went, but I know my life became robotic in a way. NanaJi got admitted yet again, and this time in Selayang Hospital - which was not only further, but his dinners were depending on me to arrive as I would have to pass my mom's home anyway. So I did not even return to my own home for days. Work, Kepong, Selayang and back to work again. My Malaysian Mini became a make shift wardrobe and the hospital ward became my make shift home. 

Lots been happening simultaneously during that period of time and I just drowned myself in the whirlwind. I only knew I had to do what I had to do and that's it. 

So I hope to be back again to my normal routine. 

For now, sitting back even for a minute, sipping a cuppa is simply awesome.

Or probably just sleeping would be way more awesome!


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