Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Post failed IVF/ICSI issues

For the past two months, I have been having symptoms of periods, without even getting it. Last month, my periods came almost two weeks earlier. I didn't have my normal 28 day cycle. Then this month, it again came earlier by a week. But even after it ended, I still kept having PMS and at times, PMDD symptoms. My lower abdomen kept on cramping. My back and breasts hurt so bad. My right pelvic area had the same annoying, tugging pain and pull. Not to mention increase in my weight!

At first when it happened last month, I thought it could be because of all the stress. But then when it happened again this month with the PMS symptoms that continued despite after my periods ended, got me a little worried. 

So I sourced out a gynea as I wanted to start fresh, with a clean slate. I didn't want to re-visit my IVF/ICSI experience all over again. She just did a TVS and concluded I have 2 cysts on my right and left ovary, and my only option is surgery. And she also mentioned that I would have to do a surgery every other year since the last I got my endometreosis cauterized was August last year, so it may even be a yearly come back. 

She even mentioned that since I have adenomyosis, I shouldn't have gone ahead with our IVF. When I heard that, I was so upset & angry. We spent almost RM20,000 and now I hear that I shouldn't have gone through with that. All the pain, the roller coaster emotions, financially, mentally.... all that for nothing? 

Anyway, since she was pushing me for surgery, I wasn't too happy. I told myself no matter what, I am getting a second opinion. I wasn't in peace. I was just baffled at the findings. I never had a cyst before, and now I suddenly have two and require immediate surgery? That too, either every year or every other year?? Hell no. I guess Sunway Medical is seriously only into getting more money. 

Anyway, the next day, we went to Prince Court. Ahh now before you start your oh wow, so expensive place... bla bla bla... Trust me, it's cheaper to even stay in Prince Court's standard room compared to Sunway Medical's. Yeap. A fact indeed. Don't forget, it's subsidized by Petronas.

We met up with Dr Iswaran. I have heard about him and also know that he was from GHKL, and also was the head of the unit. He was responsible to set up the first government fertility clinic. 

Of course we had to tell him our medical history in terms of our infertility journey but I didn't mention names. I told him I would rather not mention any doctors names as I know they all know each other as all sprouted out from GHKL anyway. 

He checked me thoroughly. A physical check, an abdomen scan, and TVS. Conclusion:

I have 1 cyst in my right ovary that is causing the pull, tugging, pain etc. And in my left ovary, is a follicular cyst. Now this follicular cyst is post IVF/ICSI's outcome. Usually it takes a couple of months to have post IVF/ICSI issues. I also indeed have adenomyosis, which is one of the culprit of my PMDD and also the pelvic pains and not to forget, a failed IVF. Usually for women with adenomyosis, the uterus lining needs to be controlled and be at a certain thickness to ensure implantation can happen.

My body's hormonal levels have gone haywire. He explained that when our body has a foreign object, our immune systems goes on acceleration to help fight it. It's the same with having a cyst. This is also the reason of my 9kg weight gain in two to three months!! Hormonal imbalance is a bitch.

I have been put on Metformin again, 500mg per day. I will be starting Visanne. He asked me what supplements do I take - I mentioned Fish Oil, Surbex, Revicon Forte, Folic Acid. He told me to stop Revicon Forte as it increases my appetite! And to add Vit E for hubby and myself. 

So now, the aim is to calm my hormones down. 

Oh by the way, did you know that endometriosis is caused by the backflow of period? So the next if you have very heavy period for a couple of months, it's time you get yourself checked. Don't wait till it's too late. 

My follow up appointment is in October. Let's see where that takes us. 

The most comforting words I heard that day was : a) no surgery needed b) of course you can get pregnant! 


  1. Hi there,

    I have adenomyosis too. I just knew it from my visit to PHKL in July. Before this, after many series of TVS, all they can say it is fibroid. Sigh. And yes, the doctor that I met in PHKL told me IVF could be difficult because of adenomyosis. She told me there’s no surgery needed. She will try to help me with the medicines first. Hopefully there’s luck for us this time. Good luck for your fresh/new journey of ttc treatments.

    1. Thank God you didn't embark on IVF. Hugs! See, there's always a reason kan for everything? Let's hope for the best. Let's sort ourselves first before embarking on the TTC journey.

  2. Hi The Mrs,
    Yes... with 2 failed IVF, i do indeed need to sort myself first before embarking the 3rd one. Need to loose a lil bit of my weight (at least to healthy range... still need the fat for the injection...hahahaha) and to eat and live well so that my eggs quality would be better the next time around. Totally change of lifestyle, which i can say i am at a crawling speed in terms of implementation (huhuhuhu)... kena sabar banyak!

    1. Halo! Yes it's true. I think we have to sort ourselves out before embarking on any TTC journey. Me too lah - need to lose weight & live a healthier lifestyle. I've done it before, but with all that's been going on, I am finding hard to do it again. Slowly but surely we will reach our goals, kan? Hugs!

  3. Thanks for the share! I too had similar symptoms after my most recent most recent failed ivf. This time around (my third) I have complete changed around my life style. I have lost a good amount of weight and have put myself on a all natural diet in hopes of it helping.


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