Friday, August 16, 2013

This too shall pass (Copyright by TD)

I was asked by The Tea Drinker (TD), what's keeping me from having a fulfilling life? I don't even know what would I want or have to do to have a fulfilling life! Hah! 

"You know sometimes you just got to take a breather. Love yourself." is what I have heard over and over again lately.

I believe sometimes we need people from different perspective to I guess errr give you a wake up call? Or just share with you their point of view? Or whatever you call it. I am not saying that those who were near and dear to me, all their advice has gone to vain, but perhaps today I am open to accepting it (the advices that is). Today is another day right?

TD, I hope this feeling that I have will pass. Thank you for taking some time to send an email of encouragement to a stranger who is dwelling in her negativity. Thank you so very much! I truly appreciate it.

Photos courtesy of Google Images :)

1 comment:

  1. you are most welcome!

    (starts callinglawyers just in case someone sues me for copyright infringement). :p


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