Thursday, September 12, 2013

Burgers by The Mr

Last weekend, hubs said he had planned the Saturday and for me to go along with it. I decided to be open and said okay. We went for a simple breakfast nearby, and then came home relaxed & did a bit of chores, and then he tells me, let's go out for a bit. I thought we were going for early lunch. Instead, we parked at Jaya 33 and he took me to Jaya Grocer. He told me to grab a cart and follow him. Huh? He then stopped near the meat section and said "Ok, I better just tell you, because I will need help. I want to make burgers for lunch". He had mentioned this before, but here we are, and he's dead serious about it!

We bought the ingredients - his recipe by the way. I just suggested along the way and he was the decision maker on everything to do with the burgers. I even told him, hey, you can get ready made patties - easier for you. But he didn't opt for that. 

I was just the sous chef. I helped to cut and wash. He did everything from mincing the chicken breast, to chopping onions and carrots, to seasoning, to mixing the whole thing with hand, to making patties, to putting it on the chefel & another non stick flat pan to assembling the burgers! 

This is the FIRST time ever he has cooked in his life, what more make a proper lunch for us! (Boiling eggs, and making peanut butter sandwiches don't count okay).

Anyway, the burgers turned out super delicious! I was speechless. Seriously speechless. Guilt free pulak tu!

Here are some photos of hubby's awesome home made burgers: 



  1. Wow! Thumbs up to ur Mr,TM! Mind to share the recipe? :-)

    1. why am i not surprised sweet tooth's the first to comment here? hehehe

    2. Heheh Yeah, definitely a thumbs up to him!
      Recipe is pretty simple:
      Chicken, celery, carrots and onions - minced/chopped.
      Season with salt and black pepper. Mix in oats & egg. Mix it all together and form the patties :)

      For assembling - try using yellow mild cheddar cheese. It really gives a good flavor. You can add lettuce & tomatoes, and your choice of ham.

  2. looks yummy. hi sweet tooth :)


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